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The Hungering Blade

The Hungering Blade is a scythe that appaered in center of Hellonde, in the space between the three rivers. It is believed that the scythe fell out of Dinas Marama City of Light and appeared on the material plane, though anyone who has attempted to investiage the object hasn't shared that information afterwards.


The Tome of the Six tells of an ancient and powerful scythe created by the Endless Hunger himself. The scythe has two blades, one made of a mythical metal and the other made from the Endless Hunger's own inky darkness. Both blades resonate an insatiable hunger, always seeking to consume and destroy.

The Tome of the Six

And on the 5th day of the 9th year the An-t Herea crafted a blade to help him consume those who stood in his way. The first who fell was Te Atu Aroha, who helped forge a bond between An-t Herea and Rundiamhra. When Rundiamhra found that to whom she was destined the bond broke, and An-t Hera in his anger swiped down Te Atu Aroha, claiming the power and strength of Aroha for his own. Thus began the Atu Wars. It wasn't until the consumption of Kennof, that the Atu realized what a threat An-t Hera was and Rundiamhra began the creation of her warriors. Each made with an aspect of An-t Herea to help bind him.

With his blade in his hand, An-t Hera consumed many of the Atu and Paetata that stood against him, until finally the warriors, along with Rundiamhra and seven other Atu, were able to disarm him and bind him with eight chains. [/color]

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Item type
Weapon, Melee


The Hungering Blade in insatiable in it's desiers to consume and destroy. With each soul the blade consumes it grows stronger and more powerful. The blade is capable of consuming the souls of living beings, magic, civilizations, and even entire worlds. Those who weild the scythe are said to be consumed by the hunger, becoming a willing servant to the Endless Hunger himself.

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