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Dinas Marama City of Light

Found in the Tome of the Six, the story of Dinas Marama is currently believed to be no more then a myth, as the cities location is not revealed in the document, and no such city has been found on the planet of Milleadh. According to the Tome, the city was a place of safety, even from the wrath of the Gods. It was here that the gods would send powerful artifacts and things that should not be in the hands of mortals.

According to the Tome artifacts such as the Dragon Flame Lantern, the Cataclysm Ring, and the Recipe to the Terror Potion were kept hidden and safe in the city from both mortals and gods alike.

The myth predicts that artifacts from Dinas Marama will continue to arrive on Milleadh until Hex and Spector talk again and a strong magic user rebuilds the protections on the city.

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