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Dinas Marama

As Disment Umbrus was broken the lands began to show themselves to the Atu. Pakaha, Taikaha, Kino, Valikor, and Huna, the five lands belonging to Dluithe, the home of the Atu. Within the space another land was made, the Dinas Marama.

Touching one and all the Dinas Marama bathed in the light of the Atu and Dluithe. Over the years the Dinas Marama became a safe haven for those fleeing from the Atu, and for items that should not fall into the hands of the Atu, or the paetata. We found a way into Dinas Marama slowly, lands connecting, people happy, and then without warning Pakaha was lost to all. Taikaha and Kino began to drift apart after the war of the Atu, when An-t Herea killed Kennof, Hangarau Atu.

For many years we took adavantage of Dinas Marama as a safe haven, hiding items of great power within it's boundaries. Protecting Kino, Taikaha, Valikor and Dluithe from the destrution that could befall us all.

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The hand writing changes. The writing is shaky, almost strained and written in common

I have made my last trip to Dinas Marama. And perhaps the last trip that any from Milleadh will make. The city of Passen has fallen, and traversing the planes in this manner is no longer safe. I cannot keep the artifacts from spilling forth, each time I take one back another comes free.

Until such time as Hex and Spector reconnect Milleadh will be at the mercy of the artifacts it has hidden away. Fate has said as such. Hopefully someone will be capable of reinforcing the bonds of Dinas Marama at that time and the worlds will be safe once more.

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I couldn't read this because of the overlay

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Because of which overlay?

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