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Every so often a city stands the test of time. Passen was one of those. The city stood in the Megalith Downs for almost 5000 years until it's destruction at the hands of the Water Elemental. Whether the mytical Water Elemental was responsible has not been proven, but what is known is the city suffered a massive flood, and a group of individuls was ble to save a significant portion of the cities center by raising it from the ground creating a large lake in it's place.

There have been records of people having escaped aboard ships down Limingterre Run. One of these accounts currently resides in the hands of a Mr. Cadius Tarakona resident of Kairau.

Map of the Earth Ward
by MandoMc Designs
Map of the Earth Ward as drawn by Hona Keamys at the age of 10. This map served as her first project under the apprenticeship of Earth Ward Cartographer Ednik.
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-434, 5,37

Founding Date
-5340, 4, 60
Alternative Name(s)
Kai Pai, Puku
Primary Race
Half-Elf and Half-Dwarf


Slope Foothills
Elevation: 0.58 km above sea level
Distance from the Great Lake Coast: 3.20 km
Ground Cover: 88%


Warm Temperate Forest
Seasons: Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring
Prevailing Winds: southwest to northeast


Not much is known about the history of the city, however there are frequent references to the city around Carne, and the Fall of Passen has become a popular children's story with renditions available across Delesia. How these stories came to be is a mystery.


It is believed that the city was run by a council of 24 merchants and the five elemental mages.


It is said that the city of Passen was one of the first to have paved roads and it inspired many citys that sprung up after it's founding to also have stone roads. For being such an old city from the records we have been able to uncover the city was quite advanced. It is unknown if that is because of the level of magic available in the city or due to any any technology that they may have had access to. Investigation of the ruins have not provided much information on this.

According to one expert, the floating cities that have fallen around Milleadh are actually from the part of the city that was saved. Further investigation of those cities does denote a bit of ancient technology that seems to have helped them to fly above the world, so perhaps Passen was built using both.


According to one source we were able find the city was made up of six wards, one for fire, water, land, air, and spirit, and the seven districts were circular rings going through the city with the Administration district in the center. This allowed the residents to better find materials from artisans residing in the various wards. According to Armond, here are some of the shops and buildings he remembers:

  • Moonair
  • Hatchworks
  • The Secret Ingredient
  • Augmentationg Volcanology
  • Adjustment of Carpology
  • Chapter One Books
  • Forte Bibliotheca
Inner Market
  • Flour Leaves
  • Crumbs and Bites
  • Club Myriad
  • Cabinwood Orchard
  • Meriree Private Gardens
  • The Sweet Weasel
  • The Middle Flea
  • Bison Brewing Company
  • Oculus Trust
  • Phoenix Financial
  • Dangerously Delicious Pastries
  • Zero Gravity Retreat

Natural Resources

While we are not certain that the people of Passen had all of the following resources available, these are the resources currently available in the area. Given that stones, ores, and gems generally remain until removed, we can be quite confident that these existed at the time of Passen as well.


  • Metamorphic: Gneiss
  • Sedimentary: Serpentine and Travertine


  • Minerals: Lye


  • Semi-Precious: Beryl

We are less certain about the grains, vegetables, utility crops and the Flora and Fauna. There are a great variety of these growing wild in the area, but whether they are ingenious to the region or have just grown unchecked since the fall of the city is impossible to say.


  • Cool Seasons: Rye, Farro, and Quinoa
  • Food: Rye, Farro, and Quinoa


  • Leafy: Spinach
  • Cruciferous: Brussel Sprout
  • Alium: Garlic

Utility Crops

  • Oil: Rapeseed

Flora and Fauna

  • Livestock: Ameraucana (Chicken)
  • Prey: Lizards, Rat, Boar, and Elk
  • Trees: Apple Tree, Lemon Tree, Alder, and Elm
  • Grass: Cloud Grass, Tufted Hair Grass, and Blue Fescue Grass
  • Shrubs: Sagebrush, Lentil Plant, Tomato Plant, and Raspberry Bush
  • Moss: Catherine's Moss and Brocade Moss
  • Vines: Allegheny Vine and Cup and Saucer

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