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The Fall of Passen


Once upon a time many years before the founding of Caerne there was a city above. A massive sprawling city where users of the Arcane met and practiced in peace. The city was shaped as a pentacle, with Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and the Spirit elements represented. It is said that during this time that Fae still lived among us, not yet hunted for their wings or power.
One fateful day the holder of the power of water passed on, before he could find his successor and train them. The new elemental was drawn to the city and for some time everything was as it should be. Sadly the peace wouldn't last. This human couldn't control the powers of water and floode the city. In order to save who they could the remaining elementals broke off part of the city and took the the skies, never to be heard from again.
Those that could not fit on the flying isle either moved underground to the new home created with the assistance of Gokel Longstone, the first mayor of Caerne. Others fled down the river on boats.

Historical Basis

The city use to be home to a representatives of each of the five elements. Until the a human inherited the power of the element of water and the city was destroyed. As such humans are feared, and power is kept out of their hands.


It is knowledge in Groinsmirth, and Honevrast.

Cultural Reception

In Groinsmirth, Honevrast and Lorastir humans are generally percieved with a sense of unease. The myth has led to a general distrust of humans, particularly those who show an interest in or or aptipude for the arcane arts. As such any humans who live in these kingdoms or countries generally stay away from magic usage and tend to focus on sciences and technology.

In Literature

The myth has become a childrens tale throughout the years in Caerne. Apart from a few whose families were directly affected by the event that started the myth, many have forgotten the reasons that humans are viewed with distrust.
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