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Verti’s last moments….

Today started like any other day. The sun broke through the clouds lighting the corner of the street that my favorite bakery stood on. The smell of fresh apple pastries permeated the air. Dangerously Delicious Pastries was known throughout the city for their apple pastries. The apples always picked from Earth's apple orchards at just the right moment.

Walking out of the bakery with a warm pastry I headed down the street towards work. The sound of rushing water wasn't abnormal in Passen, particularly in the water least when the water elemental was still alive. Perhaps the new one had been found....

I looked around, hoping to catch a glimpse of the new water elemental on their entry to the city....only the glimpse never came. Instead there was just a tidal wall of water decending over the city. The sounds of the screams before the water hit followed me into the darkness.

I was kicking...using the skills that were taught to me as a child, trying to surface in the water that surged through the streets.....

Moments passed as the water flooded the city, drowning many citizens, including Verti. Many across Milleadh never knew what happened that day.

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