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The peoples of the Earth Elemental

My name is Hona Keymas and I'm from the great City-State of Passen on Lesiaed. Today is my first day as a new apprentice for the Cartographer of the Earth Ward, Ednik. Only two new apprentices are chosen a cycle, so this is a HUGE honor. I hope the Earth Elemental is nice. I heard someone whisper that he has the ear of the Wild Mother herself. Can you believe being able to speak with the gods?!?! I wonder if the elementals are really the champions of the gods?

Here's a copy of the first map he had us work on today, a portion of the city. I hope it meets his standards.

To be able to work with Cartographer Ednik is such an honor, and one that I've been hoping to receive since I was old enough to know what a map, and even a cartographer was. My parents say that I use to run around saying that I was greatest cartographer on the planet.

Map of the Earth Ward
by MandoMc Designs
Map of the Earth Ward as drawn by Hona Keamys at the age of 10. This map served as her first project under the apprenticeship of Earth Ward Cartographer Ednik.
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Walking through the ward it's hard not to notice how so many different specieis seem to reside within this city. Dwarves, Teiflings, Fae, Humans, Elves, Elephants, Lions, I've even seen an undead or two walking around. And a dragon frequently flies over the city keeping watch.
— Petora Okenolf

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