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The Endless Hunger

Many of the records regarding Iharis have been lost to time, hidden away by the gods that chained him during the the Sundering, locked within the Dinas Marama City of Light. What is known about this being, this non-god, is that he is responsible for the loss of Hirta's brother Lanass.

Some believe that Hirta created the three families purposely to lock Iharis away with his own domains of Madness, Destruction and Chaos, binding him with that which he was.

Endlessly imprisoned in an unknown location, by the eight divine shackles, this non-god leaks his powers throughout the planes creating creatures beyond manys imagination.



There are few images that exists of Iharis, however texts belonging to the three families have described him as a creature covered in an oily inky darkness, with a putrid smell. Current references show a whirlpool like design held by eight chains.



The few remaining followers of Hirta are dedicated to ensuring that Iharis is never again unchained. Hirta led the charge against the all-consuming hunger, after he killed her brother, bringing a pause to the the Sundering. Hirta, her three families, Asmodeus, Selene, Ula, Ivdur, Xena and the Oruer, all came together to bind Iharis into the Abyss.



  • Help Iharis break his chains by gathering power for him
  • Find that and those which once worshiped him and restore them to their original nature.
  • Ruin and raze the realms to prepare for the Epoch of Ends.
  • GM
    Which organization do you belong to?
    • Destruction
    • Chaos
    • Death
    • Madness
    Current Location

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