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A small community on the banks of the Blue Beck river, and on the road from Camor in Londe to Hamor in Honevrast. The village only has approximately 40 buildings and the predominately Half-Orc families that make up the community all seem to know each other. Multi-generational homes allow family to grow and tend to one another. Stepping inside the village there is an overwhelming sense of community, and acceptance, even if the residents are shy around new comers.

The Imperial Realm of Londe
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Primary Races


Clearreach's local government is considered a Meritocracy. One does not get the opportunity to lead the community in any sence without passing vigerous tests, or possessing certain degrees and credentials from Bicot or Camor.

Special Features

  • Ghost Town:northeast
  • Butte:northeast
  • City Ruins:northeast
  • Bluff:north
  • History

    Relatively new, the village was founded in 663, along the main trading route from Camor to Hamor. There have been two previous settlements in this general area that have both been unsuccessful. Some claim it has to do with the large area of land to the Southeast that people cannot enter, others claim that something from the river comes up and destroys the settlements, wanting the banks in this area to remain free of surface dwellers.


    The village of Clearreach only takes what it needs from the land, and the ruins around it. While situated along the road to Hamor in the Empire of Honevrast, the village does not get a ton of people stopping. Locals help each other survive, and can frequently be found in the outdoor recreation area after the daily work has been done.


    The Clay and silt from the river has allowed many in the village to make their homes from sundried bricks, while the tall grass and moss has provided the villiagers with the opportunity to thatch the roofs instead of having to travel to obtain wood. The plains around the river provide adequate grasses, and sage. The river, though calm close to the village does hose some rather dangerous rapids where the beck joins with it's other half.

    Aegimius tiara

    Points of Interest

    Most in the village believe that it is of the utmost importance to keep a person's memory alive, else they will not find solace in the afterlife. Additionally keeping the memory of someone who has left the village keeps the individual on the straight and narrow, allowing them to do good in the world.
    Outdoor Recreational Area
    a field area on the outskirts of the town proper that has been set aside for locals to gather once a week. There is a large fire pit in the center for bonfires or roasting locally caught bison.
    Community Stable
    The community stable offers lodging and breeding for various field animals and horses in the community, ensuring that individuals have adequate travel if the need to leave the village arises.
    The barber, who came to the village from Camor, also doubles as the surgeon for many of the villages small injuries.
    Having a trained butcher in the village has made a massive difference in the quality of meat that is currently available. In fact, a traveling merchant have started to purchase the excess meat that we are able to produce.

    Aegimius tiara

    Natural Resources

    • Igneous: Granite
    • Metamorphic: Gneiss
    • Sedimentary: Travertine
    • Minerals: Sodium
    • Precious: Opal
    • Cool Seasons: Buckwheat, Spelt, and Triticale
    • Food: Buckwheat, Spelt, and Triticale
    • Leafy: Spinach
    • Root: Beets
    • Stem: Celery
    Utility Crops
    • Oil: Rapeseed
    Ore Mines
    Forage Mining
    • Gathers Sodium
    • 1 workers
    Flora and Fauna
    • Livestock: Buckeye (Chicken)
    • Prey: Lizards, Wild Rabbit, Bison, and Dromedary
    • Predators: Snakes
    • Aquatic: Pike, Catfish, and Clams
    • Grass: Cloud Grass, Tall Fescue Grass, and Tufted Hair Grass
    • Shrubs: Hornbeam Maple, Sagebrush, and Raspberry Bush
    • Moss: Brocade Moss and Catherine's Moss

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