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Jungle of Blood

Serving as both a training ground and a prision, the Jungle of Blood sits at the western edge of the Kingdom of Formaris. The jungle is named as such due to the vast amount of blood found in it's boundaries.

Whether from killing, or from the undead nature of the creatures in the forest, the very atmosphere of the forest is thick and heavy. Those who walk through frequently comment about the sticky nature of the air, and the large globs of blood that seem to fall, like sap from the very trees themselves.


Falbriand River

The Falbraind River crosses the northern part of the jungle. This is the only known river that a vampire can cross because of the large quanity of blood that mixes with the water in while it is in the boundaries of the forest.

Unique Flora and Fauna

Large Horny Toad Lizards
Shoots blood out of it's mouth when scared, thus keeping feral vampires at bay.
Vampire Ducks
Large red ducks with fangs that are found in the norther part of the forest near the Falbriand River.
Blood Cucumbers
A dark crimson color, this is one of the few vegetables that export well from the jungle and have proven to be a popular and profitable trade good.
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Forest, Jungle (Tropical)
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Travel within the jungle is forbidden outside of hunting seasons or special permits. Those that do travel within the forst do so at their own risk and it is recommended that you have a magic weilder with you toteleport out of the forest should the need arise.


For those who are unlucky while traveling in the jungle and are bitten, thus becoming a vampire spawn of a feral vampire, it is highly recommened to find a Vampire guard to complete the transformation process, else you end up like your sire.

By finding a different, non feral, vampire to complete your transformation you reduce the risk of contracting bloodlust, the disease responsible for feral vampirism.


Some vampires choose to make the Jungle of Blood their home. Many common reasons include, serving as guards for Feral Vampires, helping to train vampire or other monster hunters, or even to just help harvest some of the unique flora the Jungle grows.
Feral Vampires
Those vampires who have given into the blood lust, and can no longer be around the rest of society. There are several times a year that hunters are allowed to enter the forest with the proper permits, to quell the population of these feral creatures.

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