Session 01: Back at the Beginning Report

General Summary

Our adventure starts on a partly cloudy summer midafternoon. It's currently sprinkling in the city of Hollowbury. Marcus is busy running his pretzle stand, Bob, cleaning the streets, and Belladonna and her girlfriend Goldie are leaving Kremerra, Hollobury's Magic school to go grab pretzles from Marcus' stand.

While getting pretzles a woman comes stumbling into the square bloodied. Bob moves to help her as she collapses into his arms. Belladonna brings over some cloths from Marcus' stand as Goldie runs to find the closest healer. After the woman is stabalized they take her to the closest healer. On their way Bob notices a letter addressed to a woman named Lyra in the woman's hand. Bob takes the letter.

The healer and Godie meet them part way and help get her back to his shop. He promises to do the best he can for the woman.

Everyone goes their seperate ways after leaving the shop. Marcus heads back to his stand, Goldie and Belladonna go looking for the other pretzle merchant, and Bob dipps into an alley to come out looking like the woman he just dropped off at the healer.

While walking through the city looking like the woman, Bob runs into a woman, who calles Bob Jade, and asks if the letter had been delivered to Lyra yet. Bob explains that some trouble had been encountered and he was just on his way to deliver the letter but seems to have been turned around, and asked which way Lyra was now. He is pointed in the direction and heads off.

On his way to Lyra he gets stopped by another individual now, a man who demands to have it handed over. Bob not knowing what the man is going on about kindly asks him to leave him be as he has places to be. When that doesn't work he starts flirting with the man who goes red faced. Seeing the man isn't going to stop anytime soon, Bob turns and runs, still looking like Jade. The man gives chace. Bob runs past Marcus and Belladonna. Marcus and Belladonna take up running after Bob/Jade.

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Milleadh Campaign 2
Report Date
28 Oct 2022
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