Haddaek Hardstone

Being small for a Dwarf, Haddaek has gotten used to being overlooked, but that's never stopped him from standing up for his own rights or the rights of others. Being small has given him the perfect reason for practicing his rogue abilities. but that doesn't mean he's ever stolen something, despite what the constable in Deepholc would have you believe.

Early Years

Haddaek grew up in Deepholc with his parents, and extended family in a large house. The Hardstone family not a rich family by any means, but made ends meet by living in one home, that had frequent, unpermitted additions to accommodate the various members of the household. Growing up with extended family around, Haddaek didn't want for company, even if his cousins thought his a bit strange and he would frequently be the bunt of jokes.

Magical Training

After being found guilt of assaulting a changeling that Haddack accidently mistook for a wanted Criminal, he left Deepholc in search of adventure, joined a theives guild, and took up the arcane arts. After a couple months with the thieve's guild he applied to become a Magneti, hoping to hone his magical abilities and use his small stature for good. Excelling as a Magneti, Haddaek quickly moved up the ranks and earned his choice of station.

In 683 Haddack finally had enough votes to take dual a sitting member of the conclave, and lost after a grueling battle. In 686 he dualled the same opponent and won this time, overcoming the very attack that took him out the last time.

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Current Location
Year of Birth
557 146 Years old
Aligned Organization

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