An elder water genasi, Brine hopes to finally loose their seat in the dual set to happen on Eleron 24th of this year. Not really a social person, Brine perfers the isolation she gets by entering the Icraiba Empire and relaxing in the desert right across the border.

Early Life

Brine was born in a castle outside Behsu in the Icraiba Empire. Their family worked the land of the local lord, and due to complications with the birth Brine's mother was rushed to the castle where both mom and the baby were saved. The family left the service of the lord after a couple years, and spent the rest of Brine's childhood as nomads, never staying in one place more than a couple years.


Shortly after Brine reached the age of majority, the family was in Silvermouth when they took ill. A healer was called in to help Brine fight the disease, and when they awoke they were no longer a half-elf, but had been transformed into a water genasi.


Brine joined the Magneti in 640, and became a member of the Conclave in 679. While in the Magneti they were attacked from behind and lost a significant portion of their scalp missing. They began wearing a large headwrap, that contains the bones of the desert animal and serves as their druidic focus.

Upon returning home to recuperate they found their home burned to the ground with their significant other inside. No one was able to determine if they were killed before, or died during the fire.

Mental characteristics

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Current Location
Year of Birth
618 85 Years old
Aligned Organization

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