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The War of Pryesh

Occurred between the years of 650 & 659 between the Republic of Triothell and the Iron Empire. The war resulted in the creation of the Magocracy of Vinorion.   The war resulted in the expansion of the Golden Kingdom of Bacon and Dorthone, the Fey Dominion.     War finally ended in the summer of 659 when Dorthone, Formaris and Bacon were able to separate the forces from the Iron Empire and Republic of Triothell and force them to come to the negotiating table in Fastingfield. Part if the peace treaty involved the two forces having no touching borders, the creation of Vinorion.   Dorthone annexed the River and Forest that would then as a natural border between them and the Iron Republic. The Golden Kingdom of Bacon currently controls a large chunk of the area until 670, when Vinorion and Bacon will meet to decide the land and resources.
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