Zachry Toy Company

The Zachry Toy Company is the propertity owner of the patent for the Pocket Zulo. They are headquartered in Nilbadah, but have manufacturing facilities throughout Delesia. Their largest facitility is located in a pocket dimension owned by The Chalice Family, and their second largest facility is located in the Bilnula, where the Ares family help in the creation of various other toys, like Togata, building bricks that look like small stones.

The Zachry Toy company was established in Milleadh around the year 510 when Quzal and River started to sell Pocket Zulo's to the children of Nilbadah. The pocket Zulo caught on and Quzal and River began to introduce other toys from For Storia that did not exist on Milleadh. The strange nature of some of these toys led to the popularity of the company, much to the dismay of The Heist Clan.

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