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Heist Hall

Hidden beneath the Blood Witch tavern in Nilbadah, the Heist Clan's main operations sits. The clan began building the location shortly after the purchase of the Blood Witch, and it has since expanded to accomodate the growing size of the family.

The location severs as a meeting place for members of the Heist Clan. Each of the four main families that makes up the Heist clan has an office at the location, along with doors connecting to their pocket dimensions or homes for quick travel regardles of their location when a meeting is called. The hall hosts a large gathering hall, capable of hosting the entirety of the Heist Clan, and any important people that they may wish to include.

The main meeting room of the hall contains 13 sets of chairs. There are three chairs that are a bit different from the others representing the three main heads of the Clan,The Fordave, The Heist, and The Chalice. A round platform sets in the center of the room allowing members to view information as it is presented through magical means.

Much of the style of the Hall is reminescent of the buildings and architecture of Alnerwick, the original home of the family before they came to Milleadh. Most of the building is crafted with oak wood, with accents of red wood from the Fae Wilds. The massive kitchen is made of stone and magically reinforced furniture to stand up to the speed and strength of the Clan's head Chef.

It is important to note that Heist Hall also servers as home to the Vampire Clan VaSir. Which severs to protect the intrests of the Hiest clan and it's members when dealing with any Vampire Covens and families throughout Milleadh.

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