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Letter from Alynys delivered by Death

I’m fine. Or at least as fine as I can be with Ink upset with me over something Grandpa did that cost his company business. I’m sorry I missed your anniversary, but I do hope that you had a great dinner prepared by Chef. We put a lot of thought into making that dinner great for you and Papa. I hope me binge unconscious didn’t ruin that for you both.
Death has agreed to only deliver one letter for each of us, so I do hope you’ll pass out the appropriate sections to everyone. I know how you feel about letters to other people being included in a letter to you, but given the constraints that he’s placed on us I do hope you’ll forgive me.
Please don’t be to hard on Otto, I don’t know what happened, but I do remember him trying to get to me. Thankfully Sarah was there. She kept me from falling over the edge. I know that she’s on the run, but she put her life at risk to save me, I hope that the Heist family will at least rethink that contract on her.
Before I forget Momma, I learned some things from a very unlikely source. Stein told me what happened to Orson and Tanila. Apparently Tanila made her way to Alnerwick shortly after the death of her husband. She was killed the day after I was born, and her niece is currently looking for her. Momma, her niece is the Queen of Cindurria. Stein has agreed to take me to see her grave just outside of Alnerwick once we return and things have settled down a bit, I would like you and Papa to go with us.
Make sure they’re all taking care of themselves, please Momma. I don’t know what all the loss of magic is going to effect throughout Alnerwick, or even how it will affect those we care about, but please can you make sure they take care of themselves. Especially Otto and the house. He didn’t believe me when I said this was coming, and I’m worried about what could be happening to him, especially since he seemed to slow down……and his ring, oh Momma, I hope he made it back to Alnerwick safely too.
I love you Momma.
I hope you made it back to Alnerwick safely. I love you, and I miss you. It’s been a struggle to sleep without the rhythmic beating of your heart. I do hope you’re taking care of yourself, and that the preparations are coming in handy.
Promise me you’ll protect Sarah. I don’t know what happened but I know she put herself at risk to save me. I hope that no one tries to collect on that contract that’s out on her. I’m worried since Grandfather did something that ended up costing Ink and his business money. Ink’s been short with me because of it.
Fexiah, Stein, and Velvet have been training me in accessing the Zumren pool of magic which is apparently separate from the Weave. Apparently I can use more then just the Druid and Cleric spells that I’ve thus far learned.
Speaking of Stein, he apparently knows of my birth parents. And was never going to tell me, but he did. That collar you took off of the Cindurrian Mage at the bandit camp, belongs to my cousin apparently. She’s been looking for my mother for a bit now. I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit worried that Ink will try to use this to get back at Grandfather for whatever he’s done to Ink’s business. Speaking of the bandit camp, the leader they were talking about the one named Velour, it is Ink’s daughter. Her and a man named Orym, who is Ink’s grandfather, are here as well. He’s threatening to tell the Queen where her cousin is. I don’t like the idea of it since it could end up putting a target on your back, and frankly I don’t want to do anything that could cause you harm.
Can you please make sure Nora doesn't move my Moon Roses. They're where they are so Sarah can reach them.
Stay safe. I love you.
Don’t forget that we bought all those supplies, they’re hiding in my room at the Manor. There should be backpacks with med kits, potions, and equipment for everyone there. Pass it out please. Take care of everyone until I get back. If so much as a hair is missing on Zulo’s head I’m holding Quzal responsible. I’m joking…Kinda. I would very much hold it against him at your wedding.
Speaking of your wedding, don’t forget to practice your dancing.
So much has happened here. We’re in a manor and were brought here by Mystra. Her husband is here, he kept Ink and Fexiah from killing Fexiah’s father Orym. Tons of bad blood there, let me tell you. Yeish. Oh Velour is here too. She’s apparently Velvet’s twin sister. Can you believe it TWIN sister. I can’t believe how different they are.
Oh before I forget, I need you to do me a favor, scratch Sarah behind the ears for me.
Death’s giving me a weird look. I should finish this “letter”.
Hey man, how are you doing? Hopefully you’re keeping Zulo in line. I hope Harmony is doing good with her Paladin training. I bet you’re glad she’s in Alnerwick where you can still see her with magic not working and all. Watch River, and make sure Quzal treats her right, please? If he doesn’t smack him around a bit. And make sure he’s not stealing to many of her scales.
Hope to get back to you guys soon.
Stay out of Cindurria until I get back. I think I can help with whatever your issue is…Maybe. I need to speak with Grandfather about it, but stay out of Cindurria. In case River doesn’t say anything there are extra backpacks and supplies in my room at Fenquin Manor for the party. Rope, potions, healing kits, ball bearings, oil, torches. I got a lot of what I could think of, and if necessary, don’t be afraid to have someone take the whip from around my waist.
Hope to see you soon.
There are extra supplies in my bedroom for the party, including Belis, Alasara, and Michael. I got ten of everything. Hopefully it helps keep them safe. I know grandfather was upset about the wagon, but hey now they have it if they need to use it. And please let them use it. Tell Grandfather that I’m just avoiding Ink, hoping this ill blood between them blows over, quickly.
I’m sorry we weren’t strong enough to stop what ever the droid did to get rid of magic. I know Papa has always stressed that we not use it so much, and I get why now, truly I do, so I hope that this hasn’t proved to much of an imposition for the family. I hope that you don’t let this consume you Momma. I’m fine, well as fine as I can be in Mystra and Marklaban’s home with Markalaban, Ink, Fexiah, Velvet, Stein, Orym and Velour. Orym is Fexiah’s father and Velour is Velvet’s twin sister. I can tell he misses her.
Oh, if Klause is still around, can you tell him that I’ll need to speak with him when I awaken…..Or better yet, give him the note for him.

Love ya Momma,
I’ve recently been informed that part of your recent trips to Alnerwick have been in search of one Tanila Inalen. Please be informed that she passed on 36 years ago as of the 23rd of Bivesh. I have just been informed of this myself and felt that it was in both of our best interest that I share this information with you directly.
Orym is here. I don’t know much of the man but he is currently threatening to tell the Queen of Cindurria of my existence and my relationship to her. And if I’m being honest I’d rather it come from someone that I do trust, and that has a vested interest in not only my safety but the safety of my family and those that I love. When I get back, or wake up, or whatever, we need to talk. About how to move forward, about what exactly the Queen is looking for, and why my birthparents were ordered to be killed by the Mad King.
Dear sweet brother you won’t believe all the stuff going down here. Velour is Ink’s daughter. Her great-grandfather is a horrible man. I watched Ink and Fexiah try to kill him, when Marklaban, Mystra’s husband, took away our magic and essentially put us all in a magical time out. Which I hear is what’s happeneing to Alnerwick and other parts of For Storia.
Oh apparently my birth parents were a Duke and Duchess in Cindurria. Why do we seem to have so many connections to Cindurria when they hate the Neutral Zone. Honestly brother it’s like Fate hates us or something. Oh, speaking of Fate, there are supplies in my room of the Manor. I got enough for all of us, ten sets or pieces of everything, including backpacks, because well, you never know, right? I hope it helps the nine of you.
Death is giving Ink and myself weird looks. We’re the only ones still writing the letter that he’s said we can send to a single person back on For Storia. As always I’m skirting the rules.
  Momma, Papa,
Happy belated Anniversary. Love you both.
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