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Alynys' Pocket House


Homes of this nature were said to have been crafted in order to provide safe houes for certain creatures during the time of the gods. This particular item was crafted by a great magician named Gilmore.

The pocket dimension was left with Alynys when she was brought to the Inkwell temple shortly after her birth. The pocket house was given to Alynys close to her 15th birthday.

For many years Alynys thought the pocket house only had the main room, the room sue used as a bedroom and a small bathroom. It wasn't until Alynys ended up in Alnerwick and Mr Chalice inspected the house that the true size was revealed. After Julian Magnus accepted a position on the Alnerwick Council, the current 3rd floor was added to the house while Fenequin Manor was being built.

Alynys' Pocket House
The floorplan of Alynys' Pocket House
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