Cartographer's Tools

Cartographer's tools are used by cartographers to accurately create maps, and make travel easier. For an expert or Master Cartographer, the tools can be used as a spell casting focus for Cartographer specific magic. These maps can be depect large scale continents, or even a dungeon or a room of a manor.

Components Cartographer's tools consist of a quill, an enchanted pen, ink, parchment, a pair of compasses, calipers, and a ruler.

Arcana, History, Religion Using your training, you are able to gain more detailed informationf rom maps that you have in your possession created by other cartographers. You have an inate knowledge about where a cartographer would hide a secret message, a warning, and you are better able to determine which if any geographical features have changed since the creation of the map in your possession.

Nature Your familiarity with physical geography makes it easier for you to answer questions or solve issues relating to the terrain around you. Having spent so long training, being able to spot ruins or other secrets in nature becomes easier, particularly with your tools in hand.

SurvivalHaving spent so many years studying maps under your teacher, you never get lost, and you are better able to predict where settlemetns may be found around you. Being able to find a road, or trade route is as second nature to you as the missing feather in your favorite quill.

Craft a MapAs an Expert or Master Cartographer your enchanted pen can draw a map of the terrain you are traveling across, while you engage in other activity.

Journal(Optional) An enchanted journal that allows for direct communiation between the cartogropher and their home office. Some cartographers carry around what they refer to as "Blood Journals" given directly by an organization from Banar-Kniting that calls themselves "The Guild of Free Cartographers".

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15 gp
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