Milleadh Primer (Mill-duh)

Living on Milleadh is no easy task. Humans have been looked down on for the last 1100 years. Why, most do not remember, but I do. I was there that fateful day, the day the Human lost control of the magic he was gifted.....But alas, that ultimately is a story for another moment. You're here to learn about our lovely planet, and what it takes to survive.

by MandoMc Designs via MidJourney

I am Armond, the Undead Mage King, Leader of the Hallowed Empire of Formaris, and The Shadow Elemental. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Let me introduce you to a planet where:

  • large beasts roam;
  • magic is a part of everyday life;
  • machines and ancient tech are being reintroduced to society;
  • magical artifacts randomly appear, granting unimaginable power to those who shouldn't have it;
  • the undead walk around and contribute to the success of society;
  • behind the scenes three large powers vie for control, shaping the cultural and political landscape of the planet.
  • by MandoMc Designs via Midjourney

    A Brief History

    Delesia cover
    by MandoMc Designs via Midjourney

    Milleadh is a world still rulled by the elements. Legends say that the gods founded the world approximately 40,000 years ago, and the elements ran wild as the Gods slowly established other worlds. About 30,000 years ago the gods turned their attention to our land and began working on it along side the planet we now know as For Storia. Things seemed to be going well until one of the gods was slain, and consumed by another. A war broke out amoungst the gods on the other world, and lasted for several thousand of our years. Eventually the gods left For Storia, turing their attention to fixing their relationships, until finally they returned to our world.

    It was around this time that the gods agreed to grant fractions of their magic to five individuals, and created the elementals. In secret, the Gods of Murder and Undeath sought to make a sixth elemental to throw off the balance. The Goddess of Death learned of their plan and instead of stopping them added a bit of her own magic to the elemental, ensuring the other two gods couldn't control the individual. The elemental's purpose was to step in and keep the gods from running amuck on Milleadh. Together the elementals could take on a single god, helping to keep the balance and ensure what happened on For Storia didnt' happen on Milleadh.


    The People

    The people who live on these lands are as magical and diverse as you can imagine. The dwarves and goblins of Sutknottr are known for their technical prowess, matched only by the humans who have been denied access to the high magics up until recently. Nilbadah has its fountain of blood, a haven for dhampirs and vampires to work along mortals to better society. Dragons guard their territory with fury, and making agreements to guard kingdoms from outside threats, sometimes even hiring individuals to fight on their behalf.

    by MandoMc Designs

    I recently heard tale of a Beholder living in the Pomlan Peaks looking to start a book club, and an oven mitt that runs a mystery theater. Whether or not these are true I cannot say, but the thought fills me with joy.

    Fae are frequently found roaming the land, seeking merryment with little regard to those around them. While people from the shadowfel are hired on as guards, keeping watch from the shadows, and stepping in when necessary.

    And you, look at you. You already look as if you belong here in Milleadh. And what's that on your hip, a pouch? For your magical components, or are you looking to make a name for youself as a harvester of rare herbs? No mater I'm sure you'll succeed at both.

    The Lands

    Milleadh is currently made up of 10 lands.

    Current home to the Dragon Flame Lantern, the current holders seek to slowly expand their control to the other two countries on the continent.
    The ancestral home of the elemental courts. Currently the elemental court has returned to the continet and is reestablishing its seat of power.
    A land where massive beasts roam. Two massive mountain ranges have the continent split, where one side is dry and baren, and the other lush forests.
    Shaped by the Goddess of Magic herself, a permanent tribute to her slain brother. Endod is full of wild and raw magic mixed with technology older then even myself.
    a set of islands that rose up around 10,000 years ago. The islands seem to be made from the body of a large serpent.
    Home of the Infernal Pillars, and a portal to the 9 Hells.
    home to the Starscenes Observatory, where they are currently seeking to harness the power of Aegimus itself, to what end I don't know.
    The winter Sphere. The continent is in a state of perpetual winter, covered in large drifts of snow wehre no magic works.
    Home to the Veiled Passage which is said to lead to the Jewel of Ebony.
    One of the most fertile continents. Mithlonde is known for being the only place on Milleadh where plants such as cramese will grow.

    The Global Players

    Before you head out on your way there is one last thing I should warn you of. The three large powers pulling strings behind the scenes. They're almost untouchable. ALMOST.

    The Heist Clan
    Some claim they are the very embodiments of chaos, maddness and destruction. The clan seems focused on keeping the balance of magic and helping to reintroduce the technology that has recently been found throughout the world as a whole. They are some of the best assissians around, and are for hire for various jobs throughout the world.
    The CEIE
    They're focused on getting rid of chaos and all that it represents. They believe that a perfect society can only be achieved through law and order and will stop at nothing to see that achieved. Even if it means breaking the laws they are so fond of. After all those laws were made by man, and they apparently serve a much higher purpose.
    The Anvil
    Animal conservationists by day, and the secret keepers of Milleadh's history by night. The Anvil seeks to keep dangerous artifiacts out of the hands of those that could use it to harm the world. They are currently looking for a way into the fabled city of Dinas Marama to lock away artifacts that could destroy us all.

    The biggest question my dear friend, is where do you fit in?

    Are you a representative of one of the large corporations, trying to shape the world to fit their ideals?

    Or are you just trying to make your little corner of the world better?

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