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Humans are one of the most versitle races in Aegimius. On many planets, Humans make up the largest population of the world, however on Milleadh they are one of the smaller populations.


For the last 1100 years Humans on Milleadh have been met with contempt and distrust by many of the other races. Not trusted to make use of magic, they have built their societies through technological advancements, theft, hunting, and straight up fighting. Not many remember the reason behind the distrust, but as time has progressed many have tried to give humans a fair shake, however cultural beliefs and engrained distrust are often hard to break.

Recently human's have started to integrate more with the other races. This has been accomplished through hardword and determination on the part of many humans, and many of the younger generations of the other race's not really understanding why their elders have treated humans as they have.

Which organization do you belong to?
Average Height
5.5 feet
Common + 1 additional
<100 years

Statblock Id's

Project Black Flag

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