Skywings are heavier-than air transport vehicles that travel long-distances through the air.

Skywing Variations


Gliders were used as the first attempt to human flight after the


Rudimentary. Powered by gasoline never made mainstream usage as they can't generate enough fuel.

These were originally called "skywings" when originally developed. However, with the development of cell-powered engines, they were called "fuelwings" in reference to the petroluem-based liquid fuel used in their engines.

These types of planes are still in use but in very limited situations where fuel is cheaper than cells.


"_Some guy_" finally revitalize the technology to harness the power of boards. He is the first human to fly an airplane of his own design around the world using only one petrified warm brain.

The use of core-powerd skywings, or corewings, proved to the world that wyrm brains could be a renewable source of power and energy.

The first successful flight of the plane using form brains kicked off the drive to commercialize airflight. The real history of the airplane should be studied and adapted into this world. The longer the article would require a lot more airplanes to be included.

Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

This does not directly relate to the Totems. This article focuses heavily on travel and vehicles where Cores are used as power sources.

Related Lore

NOTE: The following is related lore from the freewrite that should be moved to separate articles.


There could be an article about the first people to do lighters successfully but it's not really them were remembered in history. It was the people who created the first airflight. So we will focus on the man who was able to marry brains with gliders.


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