Totems of Trilenius

The Totems of Trilenius are a collection of sixteen magically enhanced cores that have been infused with the souls of high-ranking and powerful members from The Fairy Council.

Each totems is engraved with a representation of an astrological creature from the Trilenius Zodiac: Raven, "Dragon (Amphiptere)", Owl, Gull, "Wyvern (Phoenix)", Horned Viper, Komodo Dragon, Barracuda, Cougar, Lion, Wolf, "Urodela (Salamander)", Dolphin, Eel, Hydra, Octopus.


Powers of the Totems

Each totem contain the combined magic removed from the fairies living across Sagadorm.

The powers bestowed upon the possesses the totem are similar to those of a superhero.

The totem bearers do not need to be magical (i.e. fairy/fae) to access the powers of the totem.

The totem can transform the bearer to enhance their abilities based on the elements of the totem. (i.e. Bearers of air totems can fly. Earth totem users are extra strong.)

There is a psychological link between the bearer and the consciousness of the totem allowing them to work together (or not in the case of evil totem bearers).


Element-Based Powers

Element As Primary As Secondary When Doubled
Air Fly Feather Falling Air Bending (?)
See Raven Totem
Earth Super Strong Enhanced Strength Earth Bending (?)
See Wolf Totem
Fire Fire Bending (?)
See Viper Totem
Water Water Bending (?)
See Octopus Totem
Legendary See Dragon Totem, Hydra Totem, Phoenix Totem, and Urodela Totem

Totem-Specific Powers

Totem Element (Sub) Type Powers
Barracuda Fire (Water) Common
Cougar Earth (Air) Comon
Dolphin Water (Air) Common
Dragon Air (Fire) Legendary
Eel Water (Fire) Common
Gull Air (Water) Common
Hydra Water (Earth) Legendary
Lion Earth (Fire) Common
Lizard Fire (Earth) Common
Octopus Water (Water) Common
Owl Air (Earth) Common
Phoenix Fire (Air) Legendary
Raven Air (Air) Common
Urodela Earth (Water) Legendary
Viper (Horned) Fire (Fire) Common
Wolf Earth (Earth) Common


The Ritual

The members of The Fairy Council were under attack during the The Decimating Siege of the Fairy Council in the year 1123. The attacks were a result of building resentment against fairies and their abilities by the humans who had no access to the magical powers. The beseiged Fairy Council members agreed that it was time to end the age of Fairies.

For many generations, an alternative to capital punishment for Fae was to remove their ability to use the power of the cores. The end results was to turn them into a human so they could not cause trouble during or after their internment.

The leader of the council had devised a way to remove the ability to use Cores from all Fairy and Fae across Sagadorm. As the magical abilities and energy cannot be destroyed, they needed to be contained within the totems. For the four elemental types and sixteen combinations, the same number of totems were required.


The Process


The sixteen totems were created at the time of the Great Decimation of Trilenius. The Fairy Council was under a distress (to be determined) and felt it was time to "destroy" magic. They cannot truly destroy magic but contain it. The creation of the totems allows the council to contain the magics of Sagadorm into the medalions.

They sixteen most experienced fairies of the sixteen different astrological signs and elemental combinations created each of the totems. They were created by a magical spell where the fairy holds a crystal core and then they become one.

The fairy holding the crystal at the time of creating the totem became the sentient (or consciousness) of the totem. This allowed the fairy's to obtain a form of immortality as long as the totem survives.


The Sixteen Volunteers

Sixteen volunteers were required to complete the magical ritual that created the totems. Each of these volunteers would have their souls extracted from their bodies and fused within the large cores that would become the totems. They would become stewards of the powers held within the totems.


Souls of high power fairies were fused with cores during the great calamity. All magic in the world was extracted from it's users to power the spell. These cannot be replicated.


The Impact

The impact of creating the totems was felt in many different ways.



All humanoids of Sagadorm became Human


Cores could still be charged and cared for by Core Custodians. However, all cores lost their usefulness as no faires remained to access their magic. The craft of being a Core Custodian was rendered useless in one day and nearly faded from


The last powers of the fairies all instilled into sixteen stones.   The elemental magic of Sagadorm is based on the four ancient elements of fire, air, water, and earth. When taking each of them in combination, there are sixteen.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Subtype / Model
Owning Organization
There are only sixteen totems in all of Sagadorm's existence. Each one is unique and cannot be replicated in any manner.
6-8 ounces
2-3 inches in diameter
Base Price

Details on the Sixteen Totems of Trilenius

Totem Element (Sub) Type MB 16P Month Day Country Volunteers
Barracuda Fire (Water) Common INFP Mediator Kasilun Phenis Al-Nahura Harq Riza Najjar (Male)
Cougar Earth (Air) Comon ESFJ Consul Coulun Petris Grundynge Knox Thurstan (Male)
Dolphin Water (Air) Common ESFP Entertainer Kaulun Hydris Rikenvatten Klara Olander (Female)
Dragon Air (Fire) Legendary ISFJ Defender Nashlun Caelis Niyolkho Amaru Kanuta (Male)
Eel Water (Fire) Common ESTP Entrepreneur Kaulun Hydris Motuahi Keoni Maleko (Male)
Gull Air (Water) Common ISFP Adventurer Moulun Caelis Ileduvent Tristan Descoteaux (Male)
Hydra Water (Earth) Legendary ESTJ Executive Xiaglun Hydris Chienhu Kun Yang (Female)
Lion Earth (Fire) Common ENTJ Commander Louvlun Petris Erdenfeuer Kora Linden (Female)
Lizard Fire (Earth) Common ENFJ Protagonist Mirlun Phenis Eshadama Reuben Tamir (Male)
Octopus Water (Water) Common ISTP Virtuoso Podilun Hydris Trilenius Cornelia Octavia (Female)
Owl Air (Earth) Common INTP Logician Sovilun Caelis Veterzemlya Volya Polunkov (Male)
Phoenix Fire (Air) Legendary INFJ Advocate Eanlun Phenis Al-Riyah Harq Nevra Karimi (Female)
Raven Air (Air) Common ENTP Debater Karalun Caelis Mizukasai Asuka Yamazaki (Female)
Urodela Earth (Water) Legendary ISTJ Logistician Salalun Petris Yitonlimnon Chrysa Raptis (Female)
Viper (Horned) Fire (Fire) Common INTJ Architect Gharlun Phenis Kurunagh Dabhok Udhaud (Male)
Wolf Earth (Earth) Common ENFP Campaigner Kalun Petros Subterranean Vasca Blegaur (Female)
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  • Totem: Each totem is names after one of the sixteen animals of the Sagadorm Zodiac.
  • Element (Sub): Each totem contains two elemental powers
  • Type: "Legendary" Totems are those that were fashioned after the four dragons that are the moons of Sagadorm. "Common" Totems are those that were fashioned over more common animals.
  • MBTI: The "Myers & Briggs Type Indicator" describing the personality of the soul within the totem. Link: MBTI Basics
    • Favorite world: Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I)
    • Information: Sensing (S) or Intuition (N)
    • Decisions: Thinking (T) or Feeling (F)
    • Structure: Judging (J) or Perceiving (P)
  • 16P: Sixteen Personalities similar to the MBTI
  • Month:The month closest tied to the creature, and totem, in the Trilenius Zodiac.
  • Day: The day of the "quad" (A.K.A week) tied to the moon associated with the primary element of the totem.
  • Country: The country or continent most closely tied to the creature in the Trilenius Zodiac. Often this animal is adopted on the crest, hearadly, or symbolism of those residing here.


Character(s) who held a Totem:


Author's Notes

Inspiration: A refinement of the WorldAnvil Summer Camp Article: Sixteen Totems of Trilenius [WASC2020]

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