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The Secret Guardians [WASC2020]

The secret Gardens is a group of humans that are seeking to recover the 16 totems of true Linea's. They have formed their organization with in the capital and the remains of the ferry council. They first began the hundred or so years after the great decimation when the rumors of the totems began to spread throughout the world.   They knew that the totems would contain all of the magical powers that were excised from the ferry and the fate during the great decimation. It was their belief that if they controlled all 16 of their totems that they would be able to restore magic to the world or at least control it so that no one else would be able to have it except for their leaders.   They they were able to recruit people with the promises of making them fairies or users of magic. This was a great draw to those people who remember their grandparents or great-grandparents tell stories of the wonders the fairies could do.   The secret guardians as an organization lasts for hundreds and hundreds of years. It is a clandestine line or illicit organization that is striving to soak chaos throughout the world so that they can consolidate power unto themselves.   Like the ferry council, the secret guardians have a council of leaders the drive the organization. They believe that they are the true successors of the ferry council and thus they deserve to have all of the totems within their possession. The only problem is they don't have any of the totems to begin with. It is there mission to collect all of the totems.   The main antagonists of the secret guardians are the 'Guardians of the totems." the guardians of the totems were the assistance to the members of the ferry council whose consciousness now are imbued with in each of the individual totems. The actual guardians are descendents or recruits who actually have the totems and thus are striving to keep the totems separated and out of the hands of the secret guardians.   It is terrible to have a secret organization and a good organization to have names that are so similar to each other because that would cause confusion to anyone who reads and not understand the difference between the secret guardians and the guardians of the totems. This means to be fixed.   There are many departments with in the secret guardians. They function as a shadow government to whichever country they have infested. They have many business fronts that launders their money and gives those who are members of the secret guardians access to the different guilds, trade organizations, or attempts to influence the local governments.   Jarak is a member of the secret guardians who controls one of the totems and is using it to build power within the organization but for his own purposes his goal is to take over the secret guardians and be able to control the totems. He does not want to restore magic for the greater world, he wants to make sure that only those loyal to him have access to the totems and their powers.   Jarak lives about 1800 years after the great decimation. He begins as a mid level member of the secret guardians. He is a logistics expert and feels that after 1700 years, the secret guardians should have completed more of their original mission of gathering the totems. He feels that many of the Council of the secret guardians are content with their illicit roles and endeavors that they have forgotten the original purpose for which the secret guardians was formed. He is a fundamentalist who wants to "purify" the secret guardians so that they will finally obtain all of the totems and then rule the world.   While not a imposing figure, Jarak is quite skilled in communication and flattery. He is able to bring others to hi and make them think that it was their idea in the first place. His ability to manipulate others allows him to obtain one of the totems for his personal use and then he is able to attempt to hunt down other totem holders and hopefully to seek out all of the totems and combine them for his own purposes.   Eventually, Jeric does get a position on the Council of the secret guardians and then begins to try to take it over from within.
Founding Date
1200 CE
Secret, Brotherhood
Training Level
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