Sagadorm Summer Camp Pledge 2022

What is your creative goal and your motivation?

Sagadorm is an expansive world designed to house a connected literary world shared by many stories and characters.

Summer Camp 2022 will assist in fleshing out the world

Summer Camp 2022 Focus: Totems

The Totems of Trilenius are sixteen sentient cores constructed during The Decimating Siege of the Fairy Council. They are petrified souls of the last Fairy Council members.

This Summer Camp will focus on the history of the Totems of Trilenius and those involved in their creation, dissemination, collection, and those who seek to use them for their own desires.

Work Sessions

All of the work for this Summer Camp challenge will be completed on the WriterGreg Twitch Channel.

What is your challenge goal?

It is my goal to complete all of the prompts that will be made available during Summer Camp 2022.


Now, add a short paragraph to your Summer Camp Pledge about how these themes might connect to your world setting and your goals.

The world of Sagadorm is composed of at least sixteen regions across the globe.

The eras across the world include many different settings. These include times that are equiveent to the following:

  • Pre-Historic: Age of Dragons
  • Pre-Magic: Age of Men [B.C.E.]
  • Magic: Age of Fairies [C.E.]
  • Post-Magic: New Dark Ages
  • Core Power: Age of Cores (i.e. Steampunk)
  • Electrical Power: Age of Technology (Modern)

I still intend the contents of the summer camp articles to be limited to the history of the totems of Trilenius. Looking at the copper themes of expanse, it might be a challenge but that's just going to force me to be more creative.

This is the third summer camp that I've per formed in Sagadorm, so ideas may be more difficult to determine what I'm going to do without repeating the previous prompts.

There may be some deviation from the "Totems" central theme, but I will try to honor that pledge.

Links to prompts:


Kingdoms have come and gone through the ages of time. The many regions of the world have seen powers come and go. Many different kingdoms have been created over previous Summer Camps and WorldEmber Competitions.

Links to prompts:


With the many ages and regions across Sagadorm there is always something to be discovered or re-discovered by others. Ancient knowledge may be lost to time. New and transformative uses for magic and technology is limited only by the imagination of those in their respective ages.

  • Geography: TBD
  • Knowledge: TBD
  • Magic: TBD
  • Technology: TBD

Links to prompts:


Conflict has been constant throughout the history of Sagadorm.

  • Political: TBD
  • Religion: TBD
  • Cultural: TBD
  • Species: TBD
  • Magic v. Tech: TBD

Links to prompts:



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