Forming the The Treaty of Trilenius

This military conflict was directly a result of The Ranger's Revenge.

The murder of the Rickenvatten and ambassador by Veterzemlya in cursed animal created great tensions between the two countries. The Veterzemlya and's were blaming the royal house of Rick and the them that they were not providing enough security to the embassy. The written bargains stated that the Rangers were unable to protect their own charges.

The difficulty in the tensions between the two was the perfect opportunity for the newly formed ferry council to attempt to broker a peace between the two countries.

The current leader of the ferry council, was high Chancellor name to be determined. Through her leadership, she was able to convince the two feuding countries to both come to the "neutral territory" of Trilenius.

King what's his name from Rick and of our King and King I don't know from Veterzemlya came with their entourages. This is the first time that Kings from countries have come into the islands of Trilenius. The fact that they were meeting here lend added credibility to proceedings.

The result of the negotiations between the two countries was the treaty of Trilenius. In this treaty it resolves that member countries of the treaty would first come to the ferry council to resolve disputes between countries. This could be trade disputes or military conflicts or even the unforeseeable events that may happen in the future.

Rick and for two and was the first country to send ambassadors to tray Linea's to be a part of the new ferry Senate (not sure I like the name) where ambassadors would be able to get together and discuss and propose solutions to common problems. Veterzemlya sent an ambassador shortly thereafter.

The fairies on the other hand also entered this treaty and agreed to provide training for the senators who are to work together. They also established a place where Rangers could be trained in a variety of martial arts and weaponry.


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