Ashenbone (ASH-en-bone)

The Man

A native of Grundynge, Nash Bonham fled his native country to Niyolkho. He was a renound pyromaniac and killer of those who were found out on the streets alone. He preyed on youth as they could not fight his strength or excape his speed.

He earned the moniquer of "Ash and Bones" as all that was left of his victims were the ashes and bones in pyres used destroy the evidence.

Unable to control his murderous ways, his pattern repeated in Niyolkho. There, he was caught by Rangers and delivered to authorities. While worthy of the death penalty, he was ruled to be criminally insane. As a punishment, he was transformed into a Cursed in the shape of a hippopotamus.

Even in his Cursed form, Nash continued to terrorize the country side. He frequently escaped from attempts to contain him within animal preserves with normal hippos.

After one escape, he made his way to a local village where he went on a rampage. He broke lamps and kicked fires in an effort to ignite nearby structures. After a few successful ignitions, Nash turned his attention to the villagers who were trying to capture him.

The villagers soon suffered many inguries being goured by the tusks and a few casualties under the hood of the stampeeding hippo. Not waiting for Rangers, Nash was killed by local Fairies.

The Myth

The locals felt that it was only approriate for Nash to die as his victims. A huge pyre was built where his hippo corpse was emulated. All that was left was "ash and bones."

Stories of his death were welcomed news across Niyolkho and Grundynge. Some believed that he was too evil to kill. That belief sparked the rumors that he was not dead but his skeletal form escaped the ashes and continues to terrorize the country side.

The Legend

The stories of Ashenbone spread. His ghostly skeletal form of a hippopotumus because the subject of stories warning children to come home quickly or Ashenbone would grind the bodies into ash on the road they walked on. Travelers who saw extinguised fire pits used by others would point out to them and tell the children, "Look, Ashenbone was here. I wonder who didn't listen to thier elders?" In later years, any unexpected or unaturaly white patch of dirt was called Ashenbone's footprint.

Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

It doesn't


Krampus and the Bogeyman

Hippo skulls are terrifying. It would be an awesome skull used to scare kids.


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