Darkfang {WASC2022}

The Darkfang gang is an illicit organization that headquarters in the northwest quadrant outside of the city of acrona has central diamond. They have been known to be affiliated with anything from small petty crimes, harassment, the racketeering, and even more serious crimes by those who are higher up in the organization.


The darkfangs are the street muscle for the The Keepers of the Forsaken Past. They are the ones that are often experimented upon or used when they want people to get a not-so-subtle message delivered and not have it come back to those in the organization.

It is not known by many that the darkfangs are funded and backed by the keepers, including the Dragon fangs themselves. As the keepers are a secret organization, they want to keep it that way. The darkfangs don't care where the money comes from as long as they get paid and get to enjoy some of the excitement.

They act as good foot soldiers once things get escalated to the point where the keepers want to use the Hydra totem to make super soldier gang members.


The Dragonfangs are the latest in a long line of rival gangs that have risen and fallen from power in acrona. It doesn't matter who is in charge of the city, the gangs have their own way of sorting out who gets to control the illicit activities in a specific sector of the town. While inter-gang fights are more rare than not, there are still some small squabbles along the edges in an effort to expand their territories without having to destroy an entire gang and take over their entire area. And that can cause a rebellion/mutiny by those who are loyal to the old gang but not willing to bend the knee to the new management.

Ever since the Darkfangs were picked by The Keepers of the Forsaken Past, they have been able to resist any takeover attempts. They want to go farther and are prevented from doing so by the Keepers. Once Jarak Pelrid starts to take over, he lets them go ahead with super powers, despite the desires of his leaders.

Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

Darkfang is the original name for this gang but that article has not been created. This prompt is helping me flesh out that group for the Novel: Dragon and Phoenix - A Totems of Trilenius Adventure.

Illicit, Gang


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