The Lair of Xiangyao

The lair of Xiangyao was discovered after The Decimating Siege of the Fairy Council and removal of all of the magics from the world. This lair of the mythical hydra of Chienhu is in the bottom of The Divided Wings rift. It is believed that the location of the lair on the fault line between the two countries and their shared mountain range is what caused it to split. The sheer volume of magical essence that escaped and withdrawn towards Trilenius because they rippend away the power, split the range, and the new rivers and waterfall to flow.

The lair itself is in a cave network deep underneath the mountain. And the Fisher that opened exposed the main chambers of the lair.

Within this largest chamber of the lair, many statues were exposed to the outside elements for the first time. The lair had been long forgotten and empty, devoid of life.

The Great Hydra

The most prized archaeological find with in the lair was the great hydra.

This my new mentis carved relief mural depicts the multi-headed hydra, presumed to be Xiangyao. It measures 20 feet wide and 30 feet high and as deep as 2 feet.

Heritage impact

The discovery of the layer and especially the mural, The Great Hydra caused tension to rise between the neighboring countries. The most culturally significant archaeological discoveries actually were inside the cliff face of the other side of the mountain.

The Treaty of Xiangyao

The Treaty of Xiangyao settled the issue by the country deeding the territory of the layer to Chienhu but only up to 100 feet below the original surface. They could have the lair, but they could not do anything that would impact the surface above the lair or prevent the flowing of the The Divided Wings river.

Future treaties were drafted as the cities in The Divided Wings rift sought more autonomy from Chienhu and Eshadama

Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

This is one of the mythical dragons the totem is based upon. The Hydra of Chienhu



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