Crown of Chaos {Falemance}

The Crown of Chaos was originally worn by the fae, Falemance. Her crown is the symbol for anarchists and other anti-government organizations. They do operate under their own banners individually. While unified, they use the crown's symbol to mark their displesure with those currently in power.


Falemance is the Fae who enacted the sleeping curse upon Ileduvent and Princess Fluer. Even after the curse was broken, Falemance continued her reign of terror from her lair within the caves of Faeonyx.

Her crown, did not provide its wearer with any additional magical powers. It became a part of her traditional regalia all of which was designed to strike fear into all those who beheld her.


The Crown of Chaos is a circlet with long petruding shards that point upwards. While not a crown, specifically, the name has stuck due to its long use in common language.

Falemance constructed the crown from black zirconium. The natually black metal is stronger than most precious metals. It was treated to emphasize its black exterior. This strength contributed to its longevity.


When Falemance retreated into the caves of Faeonyx those who followed saw her as a ruling monarch. They began to wear images of the crown upon their clothes with embroidery or as a component of their armour's helardly.

At her passing, the crown remained the symbol of those who rejected the leadership of other countries.

The crown is still a part of the imagery used by Faeonyx to bay tribute to its independence from other monarchies or governments. The irony of using a crown to symbolize that power should be held by the people has not been lost on all.

The blackness of the crown has come to represent that the gold and jewels in other crowns should be stripped awayfrom power.

Item type
Unique Artifact


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