Forged Cores

[pForged Cores are man-made alternatives to cores. After the decimation of all of the magic has disappeared. WIth all of the Fairy / Fae no longer able to access their power, there is no more magic. That does not mean that there are no more cores. While all of the existing cores and blessed animals are stripped of their power, the blessed animals continued to be born and petrified. It is possible to harvest the cores from the petrified remains. Unfortunately, they are untappable power.

Some of the greatest minds worked on the problem for generations. It was not cracked until a scientist named (Name TBD).

Need for Power

So many of the magical conveniences that had been developed by the fairy that were triggered by their actions. The now-humans are unable to provide the intangible "spark" that would trigger the magic. Also, their bodies are unable to channel the power that was released from the core.

Solving the Spark

It was not until the discovery of (something sciency) that the cores could be triggered.

Solving the Channel

The special construction on certain metals and alloys constructed in specific manner were able to control the power that was able to come out.

Magic vs. Technology

Early versions of the forged cores were able to reproduce the magical spells.

Later versions were able to power constructs like a "mystical battery" for automoton constructs.


The ability to create the "forged batteries" was a closely guarded secret. Attempts to deconstruct and replicate failed.

Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

It does not as this is during the "Steampunk" era


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