Nicodemus Eratos

Character Details

Full Name: Nicodemus Eratos

  • Nicknames: Nic, Nico
  • Alias:
  • Etymology:
    "Nic" abbreviated from "Nicodemus" and means "Victory"
    "Eratos" abbreviated from "Eratosthenes"

Totem Hunter

The Totems of Trilenius have been forgotten, buried away, lost, and hidden deep within folk lore and fairy tales. However for one adventurer Nicodemus Eratos, he knows that the totems are real and he will go to any links across the globe to discover them and their secrets.

Nicodemus, frequently called Nic he scoured through any history that he could to discover the trails that the totems have left throughout history.

He is obsessed to prove that the totems are real to the larger scientific world. The idea of the totems were not publicly made known after the Decimating Siege of the Fairy Council. But he knows that they exist from the archaeological and ancient texts that had been discovered through the ancient lore.

He wants to let the world know that they are really there and that they are not a pseudoscience. The world accepts the Fairy / Fae once exist however they are becoming quickly remembered as folklore more than an actual historical fact.


The Keepers of the Forsaken Past are trying to find the totems before him for their own nefarious purposes.

Children of the Chosen are trying to keep the totems secret from the world.


The Children of the Chosen often lay red herrings in his research path to prevent him from getting closer to the truth. But every time he discovers one of these red herrings, he is more motivated to continue his search because he sees himself fighting against to very powerful organizations.

As his story unfolds he realizes that there is a evil organization out there who is trying to gather the totems for their own nefarious purposes. So they are trying to follow him, steel his research, recruit him.

The Children of the Chosen people are reluctant to recruit him because of his determination to expose the totems to the world. It will be an interesting way to see how this character develops whether he is able to convince the core people to let the totems be free or how to use them to stop the Zenith Conglomerate.

I guess they come into a form of a compromise where they start giving out the totems that they have to individuals who can then be superheroes. The secret of the cores are kept but the powers are being used to good to stop the Zenith Conglomerate.

Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

He's the "Indiana Jones" of Totem Hunters.

Metadata and inspiration

He gives off the vibes of the Indiana Jones or Ben Gates from national treasures. He knows the real but the "credible" archaeological community thinks that he is chasing "a holy Grail" of the powerful artifact there really can't exist.



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