The Lighthouse

The lighthouse is the central governmental complex in the middle of the rebuilt city of Acrona in the middle of Trilenius.


The great decimation had leveled the entire central area of the city that would eventually become renamed as acrona. At the center of the crater upon the cleared out ruins of the different buildings from the Council of fairies, a new building was created. The tray Linea and government decided it was time to reclaim and rebuild and reestablish themselves as the capital of Trilenius. The entire area within the crater had been cleaned out and planned out into a new city center.

The Lighthouse

The entire center of the crater revitalization project is what has now become known as "the Lighthouse."

The lighthouse is a skyscraper that serves as the central building that has all of the government agencies for the tray Linea in government. This includes all of the legislators and offices.

The top floors of the lighthouse is a 360° parliamentary chamber. That has windows surrounding its edges. When the parliament is in session in the evenings, it gives the appearance of a lighthouse shining out towards all of the sea. This design was intentional, that the discussions and laws that came from this parliament would go out as a light an example to the world.

The parliamentary chamber has its seating in the round. Meaning the central rostrum is where all of the speakers and business is taken care of while all of the parliamentarians and legislators sit and watch the events. This was designed so that all could see the speaker and that the speaker would then be in full view and not be able to hide behind a podium or rostrum. They would have to be in full view of everyone to whom they address.

By law, no buildings are allowed to be the same height as The Lighthouse. It is meant that anyone who drives along the Beltway surrounding the crater will be able to see the shining lighthouse. All buildings are required in the crater to be shorter in elevation to the lip of the surrounding crater. The Lighthouse towers above all of the crater reconstruction projects by at least 10 stories.


Assuming that the tray Linea government is a parliamentary system, the ministers and all of the offices of the legislature are found within the floors of the lighthouse. The more affluent chill legislatures and offices are found closest to the lighthouse. The Prime Minister is situated on the floor directly beneath the lighthouse chambers. There is a special moving floor in the metal of the building that raises and lowers from the Prime Minister's office suites so that they can prepare all of the material and when ready it rises up into the middle of the parliamentary chamber. This functionality is only reserved for the Prime Minister. All others will bring their materials to the center via the pathways within the chamber itself.

The governing complex

Many buildings have been built surrounding the government complex. These provide many different functions of government. The exact buildings and their uses are still to be determined.

Outside the crater

The ordinance on height restrictions does not impact outside of the Beltway that surrounds the crater. A huge number of high-rises and skyscrapers have been built along this prime real estate that overlooks into the crater. This surrounding area has come to be known as "the Crown." (Not sure I like that term but it's fine for now. An alternate title could be the "Glass Barrier"as all of the skyscrapers have the shiny glass bright exteriors and it is seen by many who live on the outskirts that they are the ones that seclude or protect the people in the crater from seeing the rest of the world.

The phrase, "outside the Beltway" from our reality applies here. The people who are in the lighthouse chambers when they look out instead of being able to see the people that are affected by their laws and legislations can only see the buildings of the glass barrier. This glass barrier of the wealthy influential and the possibly corrupt do their best to gain all of the light and influence for themselves while those outside the barrier are not able to benefit as well.

Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

This relates to the totems because this is the central area of the city where the first totem books reside. This is a great setting for urban fantasy where they will all be able to have the crater dwellers, the barriers, and the different classes the live in the different areas. Inside the crater is metropolis, outside the barrier is Gotham.

Government complex


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