Using Emeriti (uh-MARE-rI-tie)

Emeriti are the depleted cores used in magic. While every effort is made to extend the life of the cores used to power fairy and Faye magic, there is a point when a core can no longer retain a charge. These cores are then called emeriti as an abbreviation of emeritus cores. (Emeriti being the plural of emeritus.)


Emeriti found in powerful weapons or in armor or in places of significance are often retired but maintain the reverence the object deserved in the service of whomever wielded it. Particularly strong wizards may go through many cores throughout their life. Their offices will be decorated with specially mounted emeriti to signify their service and legacy. Nobility will often take the emeriti out of their less well known weapons and turn them into family jewelry and heirlooms. Often these will appear as broaches, earrings, necklaces for women or rings, cufflinks, pendants, or other accessories for men.


Though it is not able to be proven, a common conception amongst the common folk art that emeriti still offer protection against the supernatural. Depending on the type of emeriti obtained, worn, or displayed by the individual themselves or their houses will be protected from the evil spirits that roam the world.

There is quite a trade in wards made out of emeriti amongst jewelers who collect emeriti from core custodians. As they provide no benefit any longer to magic users, the jewelers are able to get these precious looking jams fairly cheaply, depending on their size, cut, color, or clarity.

The most basic of wards is a discarded emeriti tied with a leather, hemp, or thin fibrous rope around a person's neck. Other more fanciful wards could be made with any of the metals whether they be copper, bronze, silver, gold, or platinum. The type of ward worm is often seen as a right of passage for youth as they grow. Before maturity, their neckaces are make of natural materials. When they come of age, they receive their first metal ward.

While it is considered a false superstition to believe in wards, the fine line between heirloom and ward is often blurred as nobility may describe their jewelry has heirlooms, they may secretly's think of them as more powerful wards used to bless their house.


It is tradition that an emeriti the carved into the cornerstone of a home. Whether it is being constructed new or renovated. Homeowners or shopkeepers will often add emeriti to their foundation as a superstition to give their business good luck and their families prosperity.

Many windows in places of worship have been made from emeriti that have been cut thin enough to allow light to make a colored window mosaic. Commoners or poor areas of the world may resort to using stained glass windows in their architecture. it is considered a great sign of prosperity when the glass is replaced by emeriti window.

Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

This is tied to the cores that preceeded the Totems.

The wearing of emeriti continues through to the modern age, but they are often actual cores as the humans cannot discharge the power within. The Totems worn by users are often disguised at emeriti wards.

The wearing of wards is often seen as a person who is a believer in the "old faith" of Argentric or magic. "Enlightened" scientific people quickly reject such sentiments.


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