High Scribes

The "High Scribes" are found within every hall of power throughout Sagadorm. These "High Scribes" serve as the personal secretary, historian, assistant, and even counselor to government officials at the highest levels of power. While scribes are found in nearly every organization and governmental office throughout the world, the rank of "High Scribes" is reserved for those who have demonstrated excellence in proficiency in their ability to serve those who have hired or appointed them.


Before the invention of the printing press, scribes were commonly used in the preservation of knowledge throughout the history of many countries. The scribes were often fairies who served at the leisure of a royal figures. Many families of high influence also retained scribes for their own business and ruling needs.

Influential High Scribes this could be a really interesting place to list all of the influential high scribes that had served around the world and throughout history. But I'm not going to enumerate them now.


One of the most influential roles that the high scribes fulfilled was that of fostering relationships between the sovereigns that they served. The network of scribes at all levels became almost like a brotherhood. They were the ones that got things done and make sure to keep the sovereigns to whom they served apprised of everything that they needed to submit.

The scribes began to differentiate themselves based on their expertise. There were those that served as traditional scribes to ensured that information was recorded, preserved, archived, and made available to whom ever requested them, per the rules of the sovereign.

Types of Scribes

The scribes could differentiate themselves as archivists, librarians, or transcriptionists.

There are other scribes that were out there that intentionally sought for knowledge from first-hand experience and research. Instead of finding themselves in the halls of power or legislatures or influence, they were out gathering information. Some of these information gathering scribes would be the forerunners of spies and intelligence officers who gathered information about other countries.

There were also many who served as early archaeologists, sociologists, the biologists, naturalists, and any other profession or field of study that could be gathered together. Just as medieval monks became some of the first scientists laying down the scientific principles that others would build upon, the scribes would do the same to explore the world and most importantly document that to be disseminated throughout their academic network.

So there were some scribes who did the frontline work and there were other scribes who were back at the home office making copies of everything to be sent out and others who compile the information that they received from other not directly affiliated scribes.

Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

They do not.

D&D Note:

The Scribes could be my name for monks who go out and adventure to collect information. Very similar to the cobalt soul from critical role.



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