Irvine Cross

Irvine Cross is the secret leader of the The Keepers of the Forsaken Past and the public President and CEO of the Zenith Conglomerate.

Childhood and Youth

The childhood of young Irvine was a life of seclusion from general society. His parents cast an overprotective shadow over all that Irvine did. While his parents were far from the affluent people that they pretended to be, Irvine was given the best education that their money could buy. He went to the best private schools that money could buy.

However, being a "commoner" in the proto-affluent society led to difficulties in fitting in and proving himself. Many would only judge him by his background and his name, ignoring the raw potential that was quickly being forged in the fires of adversity.

Even though he led the secluded life, he did have a close network of devoted friends who he formed into his first "counsel." This counsel, comprised of other students who were marginalized in the preparatory high school, soon became the invisible movers and shakers behind all of the things that happened.

After graduation, rvine and his counsel remained together in unified purpose behind Irvine's vision. However they physically separated into their chosen fields of profession.

Irvine began his ascent to power in the halls of the Zenith company.

Public Life


Public Professional

It seemed like whatever Irvine did at the Zenith Corporation, his "magic touch" and charisma would make it flourish. Beginning as a team member, he quickly rose to team lead, project manager, and department head. As each of the departments he directed flourished under his influence, he was moved to larger and larger departments were they too began to flourish people his chosen successors in the departments he left had a strange devotion to Irvine as he gained more and more influence as he made his tour through the company.

Soon he became the youngest vice president of operations for the Zenith Corporation with a focus on developing the departments into standalone entities that could then begin life as their own corporations. Business magazines called him the "Golden Pillar of Acrona" as it seemed any business column he touched turned into gold.

With so many of the spinoff corporations from the Zenith becoming so successful, the presidents and boards of all of these organizations voted to form the new Zenith conglomerate, a mega-corporation, with Irvine cross as the first president and CEO.


Irvine Cross became the youngest vice president in the "Zenith Corporation." Under his leadership, each division he lead spun off into their own successful brand. Seeing his potential, the Zenith Board of Directors elected him President and CEO of the newly organized Zenith Conglomerate.


Hidden Secrets

His ascention to power was assisted by one of the Totems (TBD)



Irvine Cross is the holder of the (TBD) Totem of Trilenius.


Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

Irvine Cross is the main BBEG of the Modern Totems Saga. He is "Empereor" behind the "Darth Vaders" and the other book-to-book bad guys it the series.


David Xanatos from Disney's Gargoyles voiced by Johnathan Franks



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