The Dragonwings are the largest variation of the hornet found within Sagadorm. The Dragonwings are a much more predatory and aggressive species than its close cousin the hornet. They can be found in low mountain areas forests. It has not migrated to planes or high altitude climates.

Identifying characteristics

The Dragonwings are an example of animal life on Sagadorm that was heavily influenced by the formation of the world by the five celestial dragons. While not all creatures upon Sagadorm look like dragons, the Dragonwing hornet is frighteningly similar.

The Dragonwings have the same head-thorax-abdomen structure of other flying insects.

Unlike the insect–shaped head of a hornet, wasp, and bee, the Dragonwings have a long snout filled with teeth similar to an alligator. There are no pincers on their face.. While there are no direct accounts of dragons, it is always been theorized that this is their appearance. Recent archaeological evidence shows that the dragons that existed did in fact have a long snout filled with teeth.

The pair of wings typical for a hornet, have been both replaced by a dark translucent ribbed wing that has the appearance of weathered leather. The wings fold in and out from the Dragon wings thorax as it is believed the wings folded on a Dragon.


The size of the Dragon wings make it monstrous compared to other insects in the same genetic family. They can be up to 5 cm in length and a body of 2 cm wide. With the wings expanded or in-flight, the wings measure to about 12 cm across.


The Dragon wings are the most aggressive, territorial, and invasive species of hornets. Once discovered within an area where a new hive has been built, the Dragon wings are very difficult to eradicate.


Due to its on large size, the Dragon wings have an abnormally large stinger that carries a proportional amount of venom. The Dragon wing with its teeth is able to bite its prey in addition to stinging it. As they are swarm hunters, Dragon wings are able to take down medium to large animals, depending on the number of stings bites it is able to successfully penetrate through the creatures hide. A swarm of as few as 20 could kill a adult human.

It is a common site during summer months to stumble upon 1/2 consumed deer carcass where a new hive of Dragon wings has built a nest within its chest cavity. The Dragon wings continue to feed on the flesh and decomposing tissue with their mouth while protecting their new hive with their stingers.

Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

It does not.


Asian Giant Hornet


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