The Quarries of Faeonyx (fay-ON-icks)

The quarries of Faye Onyx are the leaders in stone masonry building techniques and sculpting.

For centuries the Faye Onyx region has produced some of the most skilled Mason and Stone cutters and sculptors in the world of Sagadorm. These craftsman and artisans are descendents of the original inhabitants who had a unique settlement.


The history of the quarries of Faye Onyx begins with the understanding of the Faye. The Faye were those magic users who fell out of favor of society due to their illegal and/or unethical use of their fairy powers. The large network of tunnels that were found underneath the mountains of the region that would become known as Faye Onyx served as a excellent hiding place and sanctuary for those practicing the Faye arts.

The first Faye to inhabit the tunnels of Faye Onyx was Falemance, the Faye responsible for the curses that fell upon Ileduvent and their royal house. This secret headquarters remained hidden to the knowledge of the world well beyond the great decimation.

The quarries

The tunnels as they began to expand became quarries of extracting stone. The most valuable of the stones extracted were Onyx and other black stones (to be determined.) The Faye at the quarries were able to develop new processes to funnel magic into "fake cores" as a replacement for the cores that were traditionally required to be used to perform magics. (The process and the "science" of these fake cores are still to be determined. I think I came up with the name for these fake cores in another article, but I don't remember what it was.)


The great decimation left all who had once practice magic, fairy and Faye, without their ability to harness the powers. In an effort to be able to sustain themselves financially, the fine artisans and craftsmen and Masons began to travel the world. Their reputation as extremely high-quality craftsman and fine artisans spread throughout the world.

This transition changed Faye Onyx from the hive of evil magic users into a robust center of learning for all who wish to become high artisans and fine craftsman. To say that you studied at Faye Onyx as an apprentice, and then went out to the world as a journeyman made you in high demand.

The statement of the Faye heritage quickly dispersed as the reputation of high-quality work finally became known.


Apprentices from all over the world apply to become a stone cutter Faye Onyx. Every summer boats filled with potential apprentices come to apply to the limited number of Masters who are willing to take them on.

(Lots of details to be added here.)

The city above

As the renown of the craftsman and artisans of Faye Onyx grew the city outside the quarries grew to become quite the large city all built around the training of stone cutting Masters and the import/export of goods.

The Hurgh

When the herd was discovered deep below the crust, Faye Onyx was the first to realize its potential and quickly established their own shafts below. While not as productive in the generation of Wyrm brains used for power, their ability to refine the petrified cells within the herd took their scholarship and craftsmanship to the next level.

Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

It really doesn't.


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