Ranger's Field Journal

The Rangers field journal is an essential tool in the possessions of the Rangers as they explore the world hunting for petrified cores of blessed animals. During the time of the fairies and magic, Rangers served many different purposes. Those who traveled the world hunting for the cores also served as a researcher that gathered first-hand information about the flora and fauna and geography of the areas they explored.

Typically those Rangers who were the most successful with the creation of field journals were those who had the ability to draw and represent discoveries that they found well in a pencil and paper medium. It was quite an art form to be able to accurately capture representations of flora and fauna and geographical locations.

Rangers who had no artistic desire or ability would then be placed in non-exploratory roles. This would include ambassador security or other similar roles. Those who excelled at field art were given the most exclusive and unknown territories of Sagadorm to explore. Lesser artists were given follow-up tasks in previously explored areas.


As Rangers spent most of their time in areas where the wild creatures that produce the cores exist they had the ability to find the plants that infrequently ignored or unnoticed by others. while the artistic skills of the different Rangers varied greatly, the hay were each able to document the characteristics of the different plants. Many of these plants were able to be preserved through magical means. They could be pressed and preserved into a sleeve of paper that could be easily transported and delivered the next time they reached an outpost.

All of the samples were then sent back to the libraries and in Trilenius where they would be categorized and additional details would be added to the compendium of knowledge gathered there.


The tracking of animals and their variations of species was a little bit more difficult than the processes required for fauna. These relied exclusively on the drawings and notes collected.


While some of the Ranger explorers were not gifted in the ability to draw flora and fauna, others excelled at landscapes and maps. Some were the first to accurately map out a seashore. Discover the source of the different rivers or mountain peaks and provide accurate latitude and longitude coordinates. This extensive research in documenting latitude and longitude for large cities to geographical areas to rivers to a whole host of locations allowed the fairies to have a very accurate representation of the locations across the world.

As the Rangers and their artists became more specialized into the different categories the understand of the geography and the terrain of the countries quickly became documented with high precision.


The efforts of cartographers quickly expanded into archaeology. The fairies of true Linea's wanted to preserve and gather as much information as they could regarding the Dragon ancestry of magic. This led them to explore the areas where the dragons may have been and the desire to discover the hidden layers were dragons may have been when they died or left abandoned afterwards. This led to many Rangers also taking up the hobby of spelunking or exploring caves and their networks to see where dragons may have hidden there treasures and knowledge.

Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

This does not relate at all to the totems but does relate to the cores and their discover.


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