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Sijaq - The Desolation of Dragonkin (si-JAHK)

After the discovery of the herd, or the petrified flesh of our gentry, the silver Dragon, a new rush for these precious resources began all across saga dorm. On the island region of clue guard at the base of where Vola killed the last Dragon Suviklarg a new drill site began to penetrate through the surface to the herd.

The Discovery of Sijaq

The minors were surprised when their shaft deep into the crust discovered something but only a few hundred feet into the surface. A large lattice of networked caves were discovered. Many of these caves showed sign of architecture in an ancient language. The language of the dragons.

The network of these deep caves was called "Sijaq" after the discovery of runes that meant "deep caves" and this was the closest that the native languages of humans could approximate.

The mine shafts to the herd were abandoned as teams of archaeologists began to map the caves. A new shaft to the herd was attempted on another part of the island which successfully penetrated the crust without major discoveries.


Archaeologists and other scholars formed a makeshift outpost at the top of the new access to Sijaq. They were funded by many grants from many organizations who hoped they would find something as revolutionary in the caves as had been discovered in the herd.

Detailed maps were quickly created by surveyors mapping out all of the tunnels. The most fascinating discoveries were when a new dragons lair was discovered with its horde of riches. The more mundane of these riches were sold off to collectors and investors to continue funding the exploration. The more rare were kept for study at museums and similar institutions of study.

Outpost / Base


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