Inauguration of the Tribune of Acrona

The Title of Tribune

The Tribune of acrona is the political leader for the entire country of Trilenius.

The position of Tribune is seen as a voice of the common citizen that will guide the parliament to be guided by the people. They do not have veto power, per se, but they can determine the agenda of the items that are presented to the parliament to be discussed.


They are elected by the electors that are selected by the people. This is a representative form of election, not direct democracy. This position is selected as the United States senators were elected before it became a popular vote. This allows the electors to know the candidates better. The election of a Tribune is not a secret ballot. Everyone knows who votes for the Tribune so that the electors can be held accountable to the people who selected them. This is in an effort to reduce corruption which may or may not fail miserably.


The Tribune is voted upon every four years. However they can be removed from office at any time.


Members of the parliament can vote to have a vote of no-confidence in the current Tribune. This triggers a special election where the lecturers come to ratify or reject the no-confidence vote. If rejected, the Tribune continues in service. If ratified, a new election procedure begins in a shortened timeframe of four months where a new Tribune could be nominated and voted upon by the electors.


The inaugural celebration occurs on the first day of the month that is dedicated to true Linea's. In the beginning the inauguration occurred on a platform outside the rubble in the middle of the crater. The location was chosen as a symbolic gesture to indicate that the rubble of the Council of fairies and its influence will continue on. As there was no more fairies, the Tribune was elected and began to organize the government.

Persons addressed as the former members of the ferry council surround the Tribune. Each one of these officials are the ones that lead the departments related to the ferry council members former responsibilities. They do not represent the countries or magics, but their memory is preserved in the government and will form the cabinet or inner counsel that will advise the Tribune.

The Tribune walks up to one of the Council members and they clasp right hands with their hand on the others lower arm and then cover the others right hand with their left. After making this clasp, they then nod to each other and the ferry Councilman says the ritual blessing that takes the form of a short phrase, "May you have the blessing of the (totem animal). May it guide you as you (short admonition)." The tribunal will then responds saying, "I accept the blessing of the (totem animal). I will strive with all my (various body parts) to (short confirmation.)"

For example, "May you have the blessing of the owl. May it guide you as you see beyond yourself." The tribune responds, "I accept the blessing of the owl, I will strive with my eyes to see those who cannot be seen." (Or something like that which is a way to help the tribunal to remember the important principles of the responsibilities and who they actually serve.

At the end of the 16 blessings of the totems, the Cape or mantle, is placed upon the Tribune as responsibility of the weight that he must now bear for all to see. The ceremonial cape during the inauguration reaches the floor and is quite ornate and intricately designed. A smaller mantle that barely covers the shoulders is worn as a symbol of their office throughout the regular business of leaving the country.


Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

The inauguration of the Tribune of acrona relates to the totems saga in general because this is the ceremony that institutes the leader of the tray Linea and government during the modern age of Trilenius. The character going through the ceremony will play a pivotal role in the background of the box as they have so much control over the city and can affect what will happen to the totem holders.


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