Draconic Tome

Of the treasures discovered within the Sijaq, the Draconic Tome has the most potential for changing the world. To the academic, this is a treasure trove to unlock the draconic language. The various languages recorded in this single tome allows liguists to translate ancient draconic language and the fundemental knowledge required to craft magic.

Unfortunately, there is not magic after the The Decimating Siege of the Fairy Council. All of the magic in the world is in the Totems of Trilenius. WIth the right magic and enough time, a whole new branch of magic could be resurected in a non-magical world.

A plot thread that could come from that book's existance is that The Keepers of the Forsaken Past want it and use it to collect all of the Totems of Trilenius. If they are able to collect them all and using the knowledge of the Draconic Tome, they could create a new race of fairies. And the Zenith Conglomerate would be able to control who is or can become future fairies. Irvine Cross wants to be new "Vola Wranthana" for a new epoch of magic users.

Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

The Draconic Tome can be used to augment the powers Totems of Trilenius. This book, in educated hands, and well researched time, could be used to modify the totems abilities.

Item type
Book / Document


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