The Honorific title of Chancellor is reserved for leaders of institutions of higher education.


The first title of Chancellor was granted to the (name to be determined) ferry that constructed the first ferry council library of true Linea's. His organizational skills was exceptional and invented the methodology by which all of the libraries in the future would be organized. (It could be the Dewey decimal system or something similar.)


The title of Chancellor was given to the presidents of the colleges and universities who had acquired enough influence or academic recognition. You could be the president of a university or college and not have the title Chancellor if you had not been recognized by either the ferry council or by the local sovereign of the country.

It was a great honor when a college had been able to be sufficiently large and of sufficient academic stature to be able to earn the title of Chancellor for their organization.

Over time there became a governing body of universities who determine the accreditation of the different educational institutions the determined if the title Chancellor was to be granted. This was never granted to primary or secondary educational facilities. This was only granted to higher education.

While not often, it is possible for a university to fall into such disrepair that the title of Chancellor is stripped from its leader. This is considered a great honor to be the one to have the title stripped and usually results in an immediate firing in shame. The next leader would then work with the accreditation organization through a probationary period of time to get the school or university up to standards to be able to receive the title of Chancellor once again.

Post academia honorifics

The title of Chancellor, once bestowed upon the individual, would follow them throughout the rest of their life, even after they may no longer actively serve as the Chancellor for an school of higher education. Only those who have abandoned the title or had it forcibly removed from them no longer were allowed to use the title.

Many Chancellor's of these education went into service with the reigning sovereign of the land and served them in relative comfort as a counselor throughout their retirement. This happens so frequently that the specific title of "Royal Chancellor" was given to those who were once Chancellor Janel served the King. If more than one Chancellor were serving at a time than they would all share that title but only one would be given the title of "Royal high Chancellor." Commonly called as the, high Chancellor.

Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

It doesn't. It is the educational title

Academic, Honorific


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