Mitos (MY-tohz)

Mitos is the common venacular for the petrified mitochondria extracted from the Hurgh.

Mitos or Petrified Mitochondria: These minerals are used as "core" replacements when blessed animals are unavailable to have their core harvested. Most mito weighs a couple of grams and are a couple of milimeters in length.

The problem with cores is the wild nature required. Domesticated animals could not turn into cores.

The mitochondria from the mind cells of the "dragons flesh" serves as a replacement for animal cores. What they lack in size could be made up for in quantity. They could also be packed together and combined to provide greater power.

It is the mining of these cells that spark an Industrial Revolution into the new energy portion of the timeline.

The cells still need to be charged by the moons that orbit the world. The moons all charge equally as they were dragons but not the same type as the others. Only the blessed animals and their cores receive benefits from matching animal to Dragon types.


This prompt will consist of extracting all of the information about the petrified mitochondria on the dragons flesh all of the information about the errors different powers can also be explained.

There is a lot of information that is in the different prompts that may not directly tied to the prompt at hand. This will need to be corrected so that the and provides enough extra information to be in each of the different prompts. As this article stands and as I am adding superfluous words, it will be important to record all of the other scripts and then most of the words that I will auction will be due to editing the existing as opposed to first draft dictated words.


Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?


Related Lore

NOTE: The following is related lore from the freewrite that should be moved to separate articles.

Question: how did the great dissemination impact the creation of the course? Answer: it didn't. They could still be made and found. Any core or blessed animal were completely drained of all power during the great decimation. Only the blessed animals born after the decimation could become cores.


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