The Five Sects of Dracunum

There are five sects of Dracunum faith that worship the Celestial Dragons. Collectively, Dracunists worship different aspects of the Celestial Dragons.


After the great schism, each of these sects separated.

The Five Sects of Dracunum

Sect of Argentric

The largest sect of Argentric worships the world of Sagadorm and his core at its center. These worshipers took control of most of the Dracunum resources, including all of those located on Argentric Island in the country of Trilenius.

Sect of Caelic


Sect of Hydronic


Sect of Petric


Sect of Phenic


The Great Schism

The five sects of Dracunum split along diety boundaires. Each sect remained devoted to their singular draconic diety. The four "minor" dragons remain closely aligned against the largest sect, worshipping Argentric.

The worship of the four moons and world of Sagadorm. As the primary religion of Sagadorm the fairies is the worship of Argentric (The Silver Dragon) that made the world, there are four other sects that worship the four other dragons whose core became the four satellites or moons orbiting Sagadorm and their corpses make the surface and the atmosphere on the central planet.

The four of the five dragons was quite prominent until there was a schism between the sects. Those that favored the silver Dragon worship the earth, and the power the earth gives in cores. The other factions or sects each worship the four elemental dragons. They worship the moons for the recharging powers they gave to the cores.

The division came from the differing opinions on which celestial body that should be worshiped. Argentric the Silver Dragon of the world or the four elemental dragons of the moons.

There could be arguments that the smaller four sects hated Argentric. (See the celestial's condescension short story.)

Those who worship Argentric call the other four usurpers or the betrayers because it was they who "killed" Argentric and forced him to take the form of the planet.

The four elementals would see Argentric as a great hindrance that prevented the dragons from obtaining their best. Argentric worshipers ask would say that if it wasn't for Argentric, there would be no earth. The others would say, if they had not acted, those would still be in space floating around as Dragon.

Eventually the differences between the schisms became so great that the differing opinions drove them to separate from each other and formed their own organizations. The worshipers of the four moons each have their own sect and their own denomination. However, they do remain closely allied in the same way the four elemental dragons allied against the silver Dragon. This would be an interesting parallel consistent with the ancient creation story.

Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

This is related to the totems as the moons are those celestial bodies that charge the cores, cells,'s and totems for their power. (This is equivalent to the rejuvenation of D&D spell slots that rejuvenate over time or over a long rest.

The four lunar sects are the cause of The Decimating Siege of the Fairy Council trying to restore "balance" between the sects. Really, it's just trying to overthrow the Argentric sect.

This is very similar to the current articles about the faith. This will only focus on the four usurpers dragons and their specific worshipers. It could be the dragons are the ones who instigated the rebellion against Trilenius and are the cause for The Decimating Siege of the Fairy Council and the need to create the Totems of Trilenius. To further explain the four sects of the moon worshipers were so fed up with the political and religious power of the fairies and their silver Dragon worship that they wanted to stop them, destroy the silver Dragon just as the four elemental dragons tried to destroy our gentry in the past. This is "history repeating itself."

The four remaining sects worship each of the four moons orbiting Sagadorm.

Related Lore

NOTE: The following is related lore from the freewrite that should be moved to separate articles.

4-Based Calendar

The recognition of the four elemental dragons of the world have caused the world to be based on the numbers that were in the power of four. Four days a week, also known as a quad. For quads in a month. (Not sure if I have a different name for months.) Four months per quarter of a year. Four quarters in a year. 256 days a year.

The Five Sects of Dracunum

  • Worship of Argentric
  • Worship of Caelic
  • Worship of Hydronic
  • Worship of Petric
  • Worship of Phenic

Action: Need an article for the Great Schism between the five sects.


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