United Governance Union

The United Governance Union (UGU) is a union of governmental workers and bureaucrats who have joined a collective bargaining agreement with the government of Trilenius located in the city of acrona and covers government workers across the country of Trilenius.


The United governance Union began as a collection of legislative clerks who felt their working conditions were less than desirable. They began as a professional guild of clerks that were responsible for training those who would work in the legislative offices of the Trilenius government.

What began as a small guild quickly spread to be a collection of guilds across the various levels of government, city, island, and country. Under the rallying personality of (name to be determined) the guilds became chapters to a central union.

The Charter

Through the pressure of this newly formed union, the legislatures for whom all of these clerks work for past a new law called the, "protection of governmental union organizations act." This act, commonly known as, "the charter," solidified the collective powers of the unions within the government.

Guild Founder

The original guild of legislative clerks was founded by (name to be determined.)

He was seeing a lot of differences in the abilities of the different legislative clerks and wished to form an organization with the responsibility to train those who wish to be legislative clerks within the tray Linea and government.

What began as lunch time in service training meetings soon became evening and weekend courses, and eventually their own building within the government complex to host and train perspective clerks.

The government quickly saw the benefit of the standardization of policies practices and documentation that they provided buildings Next to the Lighthouse to allow the clerks to train.

The crowning achievement of the founders life was when the government passed a law that all clerks needed to receive certification from the legislative clerks guild to be considered for positions within the government.

After his passing, the Guild building was rededicated as the "(name to be determined) training Memorial Hall."

Union Founder

Seeing the potential for influence upon legislatures, (a different name to be determined) was determined to consolidate that influence into one organization. It was his belief that the legislators were more concerned with popularity and were not interested in the fine craftsmanship of the text of their bills. As that was the responsibility of the trained legislative clerks. As it is not important what is said on the campaign trail, it is critical what is recorded in the laws and budgets that are past.

Beginning with trusted individuals, he was able to have his influence over the tiny details of the different laws that were being passed by the Parliament. It was through his vision hat had been passed to others to be able to reshape society one micro law at a time, one budget item at a time.

His influence over the development of "the charter" solidified into law the power of the new "United governance Union" over the day-to-day operations of the tray Linea and government. As time passed, he became the most influential backroom dealer in the country with many disciples who were willing to keep the were going to form a utopia according to their own definition while consolidating power and money for those who supported them.


There have been attempts to change "the charter" by legislatures (or members of Parliament) who believe that the UGU had consolidated too much power within the government. While some of these resistance parliamentarians were popular with small vocal groups, it was difficult to fight the momentum of tradition and the ever mounting "tiny laws" that had permeated the governments compendium of laws.


Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

This organization can fall under the influence of the "bad guys" in the Totem Novels.

Political, Activist


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