Dunkel (DOON-kel)

The city of Dunkel is the largest of the mining colonies found within the Hurgh underneath the surface of Sagadorm.

City Founding

The underground city of Dunkel is found below the city of Holztor in the country of Erdenfeuer.

More than Mining

Dunkel began as a deep mine penetrating into the Hurgh. Due to the deep nature of the Dunkel, more residents of Holztor moved to the mines in a wide variety of professions. This includes hospitals, schools, and merchants all to support the miners, ranchers, and farmers and their families.

The city of Dunkel became a distinct political entity separate from Holztor during the independence movements that started a couple of decades after its founding.

Sister Cities

Any city that formed on the top of the mining operations quickly grew in wealth and prestige. Each of the countries of the globe quickly drilled into The Hurgh so they too could reap the benefits. The city to be named later soon discovered the difficult expense of transporting materials and supplies through the surface to the deep mines below. It became more economical to set up "colonies" in The Hurgh to support the research, farming, mining, and hunting of worms below. The colonies became the newest frontier in the modern age. Those who wish to make their fortunes to try their luck in the dark.


Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

This does not directly relate to the Totems. This article focuses heavily on an underground mining city where cells are harvested, processed and used to replace the Cores as power sources.

Related Lore

NOTE: The following is related lore from the freewrite that should be moved to separate articles.

First Draft

Even though the first discovery of The Hurgh was discovered in the country of to be determined by name to be determined, a deep petroleum driller. There expeditions had ended tragically due to the emergence of the wyrms. And then even later, it wasn't until the discovery of the viability of petrified worm brains as a renewable power resource did the large-scale farming of wyrms make financial success.

Name to be determined of the country of name to be determined founded drilling operations through the crust of the surface to study wyrms and try to discover their habits.

The largest and most successful of these drilling acts additions was the name of city in country to be determined the city above and the mining below became two parts of a symbiotic metropolis that quickly became one of the greatest cities of Sagadorm.

Large city


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