Johannes "Hank the Tank" Morris

Johannes "Hank the Tank" Morris is the leader of the Darkfang Gang {WASC2022} working as the muscle for The Keepers of the Forsaken Past.


Johannes "Hank the Tank" Morris is a descendent of Rikenvatten emigrants who settled in Acrona many generations previously. At a young age, he ferousiously beat up anyone who called him "Johannes" instead of his preferred diminuative, "Hank." Impressed by his nacent skills, a local gang took Hank under their wing and introduced him to organized crime.

Rising through the Ranks

Hank's ferocious nature, heavy boxing fighting style, and ability to take damage earned his nickname "Tank."

What surprised those most close to Hank was his keen mind that matched his powerful stature. His suggestions to improve heists and similar activities demonstrated his affinity for strategy. He saught to improve his mind as well as his muscles.

Caught up in the gang lifestyle prevented him from completing his secondary education. He realized if he was going to survive in the underground long, he needed to step up to be a higher level of organized crime leader.

Under the guise of being reformed, Hank studied for the University of Acrona entrance exams and passed. He studied business and law to learn how to best bend both without breaking either.


His successful gang activites and accumilating wealth drew admination form other gangs who wanted a slice of the action. Through negotiation, instead of fighting, Hank united the gangs of Acrona's outer rim under his control and the new name of the "Darkfangs."


After solidifying his position, Hank was contacted by the leader of The Keepers of the Forsaken Past, Irvine Cross to join their organization. Hank was promised full autonomy to continue his activities with decreased scrutiny from the Acrona City Rangers. In exchange, the Darkfang {WASC2022} became The Keepers enforcement muscle and soldiers.

Only Irvine Cross, Jarak Pelrid, and Hank know about the organizations affiliation.

Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

Hank is the leader of the Darkfang {WASC2022} Gang and the first of the super-gang-members under the power of the Hydra Totem used by Jarak Pelrid.


A darker 'Biff Tanner" from Back to the Future.



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