Dunkelern (DUN-kehl-ern)

Regardless of the location of the colonies those below soon became very distinct from the people above especially the miners, ranchers, farmers, and hunters.

Those who were researchers stayed pretty connected with their surface counterparts and frequently exchanged places.


the numbers focused on uncovering petrified cells behind the vessel walls they excavated only the cells for proce. These cells became many wonderful resources that could be refined underneath and nearly finished materials could be extracted through the long vertical shafts to the surface.

The refining processes is power by the very minerals they extract with the excess going to the surface above.

The under round refiners were made possible by using artificial air scrubbers installed throughout all of the colonies. The technology for the scrubbers were made possible through the use of the materials discovered and repurposed from the petrified Dragon flesh and the fresh worm resources.

As miners cleared out large areas between the vessels, the open shafts in areas are converted into housing and Marcus to support the growing population he moves closer to the mining.

The newest construction was often the cheapest as was closest to the mining and the worm dangers. The older areas far removed from the outskirts were frequently rebuilt and upgraded into higher quality construction and living spaces. Those who initially lived in the minor housing were well-paid for their now safe homes. So that their investment allowed them to buy more and more of the new houses. Many real estate investors have made their fortune this way. By purchasing lots of new minor homes and renting them to minors and then selling them at a higher value after having collected rent to then sell them to those who want to replace them with better homes now that they are no longer near the edges. Those who rented would work as hard as they could to save their money to buy their next home in the next generation of mining housing and start down their path toward passive rental income.


the worm ranchers of the colonies developed the systems to collect and contain the worms found in the deep. An empty mind out area of the dragons flesh would be purchased by a rancher either expanding their operations or a new generation's starting from scratch.

They would build the Barnes in slaughter houses. They would need to capture or by a seed worm to begin operations. A dedicated and small group could, over the years build exponentially focusing on non-horned warm heads. After making a bit of profit they could start going for the higher price multi-horned heads.

The worms are naturally cannibalistic as they were the only creatures in the dragons flesh for years. The rancher worms are fed with corpse segments in reconstituted minerals of the petrified cytoplasm mixed into a semi-gelatinous food product.

Wyrm Harvesting Notes

Unlike blessed animals found in the wild, wyrms cannot be domesticated due to their Dragon heritage they cannot be tamed help wherever they can be farmed.

A lot of notes about the death and regeneration of the worms from the previous entries can be refined into the notes and practices for harvesting brains.

They make sure that brains that are strong enough harvested before they get too ferocious. They are not allowed to grow more than one or two horns before being harvested under ideal situations a brain with no horns is harvested as the higher powered horned brains are growing on the other end of the worm. Smaller farms may use methods to ensure that no Dragon gets too many horns told us not to powerful a reliable system of harvesting each and in turn will result in many one horned brains. Growing a head with many horns would result in many no horned brains. Even though a wild brain from a warm was many horns are much more powerful. The no horned brain becomes an industry standard for residential usage, like solar panels one her brain.

A process to create higher horned brains would need to be developed. The no horned brains would need to be used as they would be unavailable in making higher horned heads higher horned brains are possible but become very expensive due to the number of years to create there are those who hunt "wild" heads instead of those that can be farmed in an effort to make sure that they can get more powerful brains. The hunters are willing to take on the risk of capturing a more ferocious warm and harvesting it's brain.


hydroponics have made leaps and bounds as the farmers moved the production of food from the surface to the underground.

The pulverized petrified cytoplasm when mixed into a slurry as proved to be a fertile soil substitute if she wore water-based hydroponics could not grow the food.

Despite the large amount of meat produced by the ranchers, a huge portion of the meat is recycled into the slurry that feeds the growing worms very few portions of the worms would ever be considered safe for human consumption.

Summer Camp Notes:

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Plural: Dunkerlern Single: Dunkerler


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