The Divided Wings

The Divided Winds is a collection of geological features that splits the continet into "wings." The maps of the continet show that the continent is roughly in the shape of a dragon. This compilation of geographical features splits the continent into two wings. Each of the wings have been settled by separate cultures.

Geological History

In ancient times, the wings were fused together in a mountain range. During the Great Decimation, the calamity of the loss of magic split the mountain range along the ridge. The newly formed rift of the continent split the existing country that changed the cultures forever.

The countries of Eshadama and Chienhu were on both sides of the mountain range. The split devistated the regions along the mountian's foot hills. The rivers that once ran away from the mountains into the two countries now run into the rift.

The Waterfalls

The southern-most point of the rift ends into a lake. The lake is now feeds the large waterfall that falls into the rift.

The Gorge

The Divided Wings Gorge is filled with a river fed by the waterfall and all of the other mountain rivers that have turned inwards.

The walls of the gorge are steep cliffs. There is very little foilage on the sheer clifts. Switch-back roads have been carved into the cliffs to reach the rift floor.

The Harbor

The rift was so deep that it cut i deeper than sea level. The gorge had split narrow in the middle of the continet to widen to the ocean at the other end. The mountain range altitude also decreases as the land transitions to the ocean. The harbor is roughly a half-a mile wide (1 km).


Two cities are on each edge of the opening rift from each of the countries. They become "sister cities" that form a unique bond regardless of the general status of Eshadama and Chienhu political treaties. They are almost automonous cities left alone by the ruling parties of the countries. They are so "rich" and bring so much influence and riches to the countries, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

This does not relate to the Totems. This is a geographical location that divides countries.

Gorge / Rift


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